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The Loverly List: Best Wedding Cake & Dessert Bakers 2024-25

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As you countdown to your wedding date, let’s sweeten the anticipation with a look at the best wedding cake bakers in the industry. Our curated list features artisans who craft everything from traditional tiered wedding cakes to innovative confections that defy expectations. 
These skilled bakers have been selected for their exceptional talent in both design and flavor, ensuring your wedding cake and dessert is not just a treat for the eyes but a delight for the taste buds as well. 
Our guide is organized into different categories—Northeast, West, Midwest, South and up-and-coming bakers—to help you find the perfect match for your celebration’s style and palate.

The Best Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakers in the Northeast

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or perhaps something a little unique, these wedding cake and dessert bakers can make your dream cake come true.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Lael Cakes
If you're looking for a sweet treat that's both healthy and delicious, you've come to the right place. Lael Cakes is a boutique cake studio specializing in cakes with alternative ingredients. We use a secret blend of gluten-free flour and high-quality organic ingredients like unrefined sugar, plant-based fat, and non-dairy milk while maintaining eco-friendly production standards. We also use natural pigments to make our cakes vibrant and eye-catching. We work with local suppliers to ensure our cakes have the finest ingredients.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
My Daughter’s Cakes
Creating exquisitely detailed and truly custom, creative and one-of-a kind wedding cakes, sugar flowers, sugar lace, and other edible art in New Jersey and New York City for weddings of all sizes. Fresh, delicious cake and fillings made to order using the most natural ingredients. My Daughter's Cakes is owned and operated exclusively by Denise Smith, who creates wedding cakes on a one-per-date basis. Conveniently located to all areas of northern New Jersey and New York City, The Parlor at My Daughter's Cakes provides the perfect setting to discuss the design of your wedding cake and enjoy a complimentary tasting. Consultations are by appointment only.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Nine Cakes
Nine Cakes is a cake studio in Brooklyn, New York specializing in delicious cakes for weddings and other special occasions. With creative, handmade designs and seasonal flavor pairings, Nine Cakes creates something a bit out of the ordinary, a fresh twist on tradition, and a cake to completely devour. Nine Cakes also has a retail bakery in upstate New York, in the charming city of Hudson.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Saint Street Cakes
Cakes made with love in Brooklyn, NY.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Silver Whisk Bake Shop
Did you ever feel like you were missing something? Me too! Little did I know, that "missing" feeling for me were cakes and confections. Let's think about it... are they delicious? Yes. Do you feel amazing when someone gives you a sweet treat? Yes. Are they a symbol of celebrating something awesome? Yes. The best part about it is that you can make them look as fantastic as they taste. I started out by making a few cakes for friends not thinking much about it. It was honestly very, very stressful and baking is a science so one extra tablespoon of something could be a nightmare. With time, practice, and patience, I became better and better and now it's all I can think about (an obsession if you ask me). I can't believe I have the opportunity to create something magical for special moments people's lives. It seriously cannot be beat! I can't wait to work with you to make your special day that much more special.

The Best Wedding Cake Bakers and Dessert in the West

The West is a landscape of gastronomic delights, and that includes wedding cakes and desserts. Take your pick from these cream-of-the-crop wedding cake bakers of the West.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
CocoaBerry Cake Co.
CocoaBerry Cake Co. is a published and award winning bakery in Orange County and is also a renown Keto bakery that's a leading designer of custom wedding cakes, custom birthday cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, artisan chocolates, number cookie cakes, letter cookie cakes, Keto cakes, Keto Breads, Keto desserts and more. Our award-winning innovative design and inspiration ensures we are consistently at the forefront of our profession. Our designs are completely Bespoke, Contemporary and Classic, focusing on breathtaking intricate craftsmanship combined with totally indulgent cakes.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Katy Pierson Cake
Katy Pierson, owner and designer, has been living in and loving the mountains since 2001. Katy attended the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in beautiful Napa Valley. After returning to the Rocky Mountains, Katy started Katy Pierson Cake and has been baking her art at 9,600 feet ever since. We service all of Colorado including Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Steamboat Springs and Crested Butte. We also travel to New Mexico and Wyoming.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
LILA Cake Shop
LILA is a bespoke cake shop that specializes in contemporary floral wedding cakes and cupcakes. Renowned for their nature-inspired designs, owners Alain and Lara Martins are a husband-and-wife pastry chef team who have been perfecting their dessert-making skills since 2004. Trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, their professional pastry experience includes bakeries, fine dining restaurants, catering companies and cake studios in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Nicole Bakes Cakes
We use only the highest quality ingredients and baking techniques to ensure that each dessert, no matter how complicated or simple, is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re also able to bake around any allergy or special dietary needs. For us, every cake tells a story. Whether that’s the magic of your special day or the joy of a birthday, we can’t wait to help you tell that story with a unique, handcrafted cake or dessert.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Sam Samm Cakes
With a passion for turning sweet ideas into edible masterpieces, Sam Samm Cakes specializes in crafting stunning and delicious cakes that reflect the unique style and taste of each couple. From classic and elegant designs to contemporary creations, Sam Samm Cakes ensures that every wedding cake becomes a memorable centerpiece of the celebration.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Sugar Studio
Iranian-born and raised in Texas, Nika grew up watching cooking shows at an early age, always excited to see what the chefs would create next. After having lived in The Netherlands, New Jersey, and California, Nika began her culinary career at The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois. There she spent each day learning classic French pastry techniques under the direction of chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer, John Kraus, and Sebastien Cannone, MOF. As part of her training, Nika completed an externship at Blackbird, one of Chicago’s most respected modern fine-dining restaurants. Following pastry school, Nika had the distinct pleasure of opening the Mobil Five Star-awarded Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, working with Executive Pastry Chef Frederic Robert. In October 2005, Nika joined the team at the MGM Grand at the Michelin Star restaurant, Joel Robuchon. By January 2006 she joined the AAA Four-Diamond restaurant FiAMMA, where her passion for FiAMMA’s concept and menu quickly catapulted her to the role of Pastry Chef in February 2007. After relocating back to Los Angeles in 2010, Nika joined the pastry management team at Bottega Louie. She has also spent time in the kitchen of Brentwood’s award-winning bakery, Susie Cakes. After having spent years in commercial kitchens, Sugar Studio was born out of Nika’s tiny studio apartment in Brentwood in November 2012. After a move to the San Fernando Valley, now all items are made-to-order in her kitchen in Sherman Oaks, CA. Nika’s early experiences shaped her longtime passion for pastry. She credits her mother for instilling the creativity it takes to create mouth-watering desserts, and her father for her attention to detail. She continues to build upon her foundation of knowledge and loves knowing that with dessert as a final impression, she can turn a great occasion into an unforgettable one.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
The Couture Cakery
The Couture Cakery is an award winning cake boutique serving the Orange County area. I created my business from two passions…art and baking. With a life-long interest in art and a degree in design from UCLA, my goal is to create beautifully designed upscale cakes, cupcake and dessert table creations. I built a successful boutique bakery business in Central Pennsylvania in the last 10 years and recently relocated back to my roots in Orange County, California. I am beyond thrilled to be back home! All of our cupcakes and cakes are frosted or filled with Swiss Meringue buttercreams which are silky, creamy and not too sweet and are so delicious. I use no artificial ingredients, powdered sugar or shortening in our buttercreams and use the highest quality ingredients. Using the best ingredients combined with meticulous design detailing, I will create the most delicious cake or cupcakes for your wedding, birthday party or special event. From elegantly crafted cakes covered with handmade sugar paste flowers to whimsical creations, we strive to create the perfect centerpiece for your event. My goal is to create something incredibly beautiful for you and taste just as amazing!

The Best Wedding Cake Bakers and Dessert in the Midwest

From traditional wedding cakes to unique pastry spreads, these Midwestern wedding cake and dessert bakers can turn your vision into a reality.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Julie Michelle Cakes
Julie Michelle Cakes was born in 2013 on a prayer and a single dollar. Julie began printing business cards, and dreamed about the day she would have clients to create wedding cakes for. Julie and Jaime worked tirelessly to grow their baby business by selling one single cake at a time. The first years were full of extreme hardship, blood, sweat and tears. It was through drive, passion and perseverance that Julie Michelle Cakes began to greatly succeed.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Sweet Heather Anne
We specialize in artistic wedding and milestone event cakes with a focus on local and high-quality ingredients. Our online shop has a beautiful line of pre-designed cakes for smaller occasions.

The Best Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakers in the South

You can’t go wrong with a wedding cake and dessert baker in the South. Here are our vetted vendors that can make your wedding cake nothing short of unforgettable.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Cake Envy
With over 120 published wedding cakes, Natalie is one of the top wedding cake designers in Atlanta. She is best known for her organic and artistic designs and her outgoing personality!
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Commonwealth Cake Company
Tiffany Rosales, a visionary cake artist, passionately curates edible masterpieces that transcend mere desserts. Hand-crafted to harmonize with your exquisite love story, each cake becomes a bespoke expression of your unique desires. Designing wedding cakes is her dream job; baking, creating mouth watering edible fine art, and making people happy speaks to her soul.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Butterfly Cakery
From wedding cake to birthday cake to cake just because, we are here to serve you. Butterfly Cakery is a designer cake bakery focusing on the detailed execution, exceptional design services, and delicious, quality baked goods.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
The Cake Occasion
I was born and raised in Springdale, Arkansas, so my love for our community runs deep. At the age of 17, I opened The Cake Occasion and haven't looked back since. After training at Brightwater Culinary School and finishing my Bachelors at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, I am happy to be home here in NWA and running my business full time. My days usually consist of slinging cakes and pastries, running to the store for more butter and hosting the most fun cake classes in town. I am obsessed with my 40+ house plants, my favorite trips always include a national park, my world revolves around our two Australian Sheppard’s and I like to think you can always have room for dessert.

The Best Up-and-Coming Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakers

Don’t want a traditional wedding cake? Find someone who gets your vision from our list of rising talents.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Atelier PQ
Bespoke Asian Inspired Cakes and Desserts
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Baked Heavenly Sweets
I’m Victoria Hazen, and I’m a Central Florida Cake Designer. My goal is to always come up with something so unique for your special day. It means the world to me to even be apart of it! My favorite part of the entire process is to help you with your thoughts and ideas to create a custom cake that you and your guest will absolutely love!
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Cake Queen LA
Cake Queen LA is a micro bakery in Los Angeles, CA. Every cake is custom and made-to-order. I offer a year round menu of classic flavors, with seasonal specials. This story begins 9 years ago with a banana-chocolate cake for my oldest daughter’s 1st birthday. I wanted to make something high in quality, low in sugar and beautiful. At the start of 2022 - a second child and a dozen birthday cakes later - friends began asking me to make them cakes. They called me the Cake Queen and quickly a fun little endeavor turned into a small business. As an artist, a lot of care and intention goes into every design. I want to serve to my customers only what I would feed my own family, which to me means organic flours, sugars and fruit, pasture raised eggs and home grown edible flowers. My recipes feature only a fraction of the sugar found in any store bought cake, resulting in a healthier and truly more flavorful treat.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
As a cake artist, I believe in transparency when it comes to my style and expertise. My strengths lie in crafting cakes that embody my signature aesthetic - characterized by abstract designs, intricate sugar art, and personalized touches that truly reflect your vision. I am committed to originality and will never replicate the work of fellow artists or even my own creations. Every cake I create holds special significance, narrating a meaningful story that resonates with you. As you can probably guess, just like how no two tattoos would be exactly the same if different artists did them, the same thing goes for cake design. What I aim to do is make something unique and customized that showcases your personal taste and preferences.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Connor’s Craft Cakes
Welcome to Connor's Craft Cakes, your passport to a delectable journey through the world of artisanal cakes. My goal with each cake is to ensure that your identity is expressed in an artistic centerpiece cake that you couldn’t live without. My story began in Bend, OR, and took a detour through a career in Civil Engineering, proudly serving in the US Air Force. However, my heart was always in the kitchen, crafting delicious desserts with passion and precision. In 2022, I embarked on a new adventure in sunny San Diego, trading my corporate role for the joy of baking. While my professional path was far from confectionery, my love for creating delightful cakes had been a cherished secret. It wasn't until a family gathering in North County San Diego that serendipity struck. I baked three extraordinary cakes that left the crowd clamoring for more, demanding business cards, and contact information. The positive reactions couldn't be ignored, and I decided to follow my newfound calling. Since then, I've obtained the necessary licenses and permits, immersing myself in the art of cake design and baking. From weddings and bridal showers to birthdays and beyond, I've poured my heart and soul into crafting unique flavors inspired by fine dining and elevated cuisine. Each creation is a labor of love, and I'm thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of taste and artistry to leave you utterly amazed and salivating for your next cake creation!
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Flower & Flour
Custom floral cakes in Austin, Texas.
Wedding Cake and Dessert
Sweet Foundation
At Sweet Foundation we take great care to ensure that every cake is made with love and passion. No order leaves the kitchen without our 100% stamp of approval. We are a published bakery and work closely with many Florida wedding pros. Our unique designs, unlimited creativity and heartfelt baking is what sets us apart from the rest. Above all, we want to make sure your cake is everything you had in mind and more.
The professionals on our list bring a blend of culinary expertise and artistic vision, ensuring your wedding cake and dessert is as memorable as the day itself. With options ranging from luxurious and elaborate to simple and elegant, they are ready to bake up something incredible that perfectly suits your wedding theme and leaves all your guests impressed. 
Dive into our selection, and discover the baker who will help make your sweetest dreams come true!
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