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Los Angeles, California
About Cake Queen LA
Cake Queen LA is a micro bakery in Los Angeles, CA. Every cake is custom and made-to-order. I offer a year round menu of classic flavors, with seasonal specials. This story begins 9 years ago with a banana-chocolate cake for my oldest daughter’s 1st birthday. I wanted to make something high in quality, low in sugar and beautiful. At the start of 2022 - a second child and a dozen birthday cakes later - friends began asking me to make them cakes. They called me the Cake Queen and quickly a fun little endeavor turned into a small business. As an artist, a lot of care and intention goes into every design. I want to serve to my customers only what I would feed my own family, which to me means organic flours, sugars and fruit, pasture raised eggs and home grown edible flowers. My recipes feature only a fraction of the sugar found in any store bought cake, resulting in a healthier and truly more flavorful treat.
Cake Queen LA
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farmap-marker-alt1959 N New Hampshire Ave. Los Angeles, California 90027
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