How to Hire Your Wedding Baker

Miriam Milord
One of the most important things to look for in a baker is their ability to bring your wedding dessert vision to life. How do you do that?
Well, similar to the other vendor outreach you’ve been doing, we recommend doing some research for local bakers that are fairly close to your wedding venue. From there, take a look at their website and social accounts to see if their work is something you can see at your wedding. But before you start interviewing potential cake vendors, here are some things you’ll need to know! 

Determine Your Style 

Make sure you have an idea of what you and your partner are looking for in your wedding dessert design. Do you want an extravagant, seven-tiered creation or are you content with a few small display cakes? Do you have your heart set on fondant or is chocolate ganache more in line with your tastebuds? If you’re completely unsure of what you’d like out of your wedding cake, a great baker will certainly be able to guide you through the options. With that being said, it always helps to come prepared with some solid ideas!You should also come to the meeting with some reference images so you can hone in on your overall style and some of the artistic elements you'll be wanting. For example, some bakers will specialize in fondant designs while others are better at floral details. 

Know Your Tastebuds 

It’s always helpful to go into the initial conversation with your cake vendor with an idea of what type of cake or dessert you want to have. For example, if you and your partner have always loved funfetti flavored desserts, mention that in your meeting! Or, if you’re interested in multiple cakes with different flavors, list them so your baker can comment on the feasibility. This will help out a ton with the planning and design process! 

Reference Your Budget and Stick To It

We all have budgets that we need to stick to when planning our weddings, and that includes budgeting for your desserts. Plan to discuss your budget in the initial outreach conversations and during in-person meetings to confirm a vendor is within your price range. Some vendors will have a bit of flexibility when it comes to meeting you where you’re at budget-wise, but you’ll need to ask if you want to find out!

When To Hire Your Baker

Here’s a rough timeline that shows the important starting points in the process of finding your baker:
  • Hire a Baker - 6 Months from Wedding Day
  • Taste Test Desserts 
  • Finalize Counts

How Many Bakers Should You Reach Out To?

You should reach out to at least 6 different bakers to see which one works best with your wedding cake vision. Make sure to reference their portfolios and read the reviews from past clients!

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Cake Vendor/Baker

Okay, you’ve found some potential bakers. That’s great! Some cake vendors will initiate the relationship with a consultation while others will send through a questionnaire to kick off your conversations. Before you get too far down the road, make sure you ask these important questions to find the best baker possible! 
General Questions
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What’s your approach to baking food?
  • How many weddings will you do in one day?
  • Do you have a portfolio of past designs?
Wedding Specific Questions
  • What flavors and fillings do you offer?
  • What flavors are your specialties?
  • How big should our cake be to feed our guests? 
  • When do you typically deliver the wedding cake?
  • Do you offer dessert options for vegan/gluten free etc?
Fees, Contracts and Logistics
  • How far in advance do we need to order our cake?
  • Are you licensed and Insured?
  • Are Tastings included in the cake fee? IF not how much are they?
  • How do you price your cakes? (per person or design)
  • Do you have a minimum if so what how much?
  • Is there a delivery fee?
  • What does a typical payment schedule look like?