10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Your invitations, your way.
We know brides are always looking for ways to save money on their weddings, and florals can get expensive if you opt for fancy blooms or dozens of arrangements. Consider a few of the money-saving tips below before locking in your flower budget! 1Work with a florist who understands your budget constraints.Be honest with your florist about your budget. If you can only spend $35 per table, say so in your initial email, and see what he or she suggests.2Buy in-season varieties. Want peonies in January? It’s going to cost you a very pretty penny. Talk to your florist about the floral varieties that are in season when you’re getting married or tie the knot in the summer if you want access to the largest variety of blooms. You’ll save big!3Choose cheaper blooms. Sorry, peony lovers…even if you marry in the summertime, your flower of choice will be expensive. Ask your florist to recommend another variety that costs less and still looks great. (Hint: Garden roses are a lovely substitute for peonies!)4Use larger or fluffier blooms to fill space. Choose puffy hydrangeas or giant sunflowers instead of orchids or even roses. You’ll need just a couple of larger flowers to fill a vase or create a bouquet, whereas you’ll need dozens of smaller or thinner blooms. Or consider adding one or two accent flowers to arrangements that feature large or fluffy florals.5Never underestimate the power of carnations and baby’s breath. They’re cheap, they’re timeless, and they pack a serious design punch. And if you’re having a rustic or vintage-style wedding, you’ll really thank us for this suggestion.6Reuse your bouquets and ceremony arrangements. You’ll spend enough money on bridesmaid bouquets and aisle or altar flowers, so why not repurpose them as reception decor after you’ve said your “I dos”? Bridesmaids can easily drop their bouquets into pre-set vases while venue staff can help move your larger arrangements.7Skip the ceremony arrangements altogether. If your ceremony site is gorgeous, skip the arrangements! There’s no rule that says you must hang florals on your chuppah or arch. Stick to a few floral centerpieces at the reception, fill in extra space on tables with tea lights or other candles, and decorate your reception room with other cheaper decorations.8Don’t get married in February.Seriously! Valentine’s Day causes prices to increase, and because it’s the dead of winter, you’ll be hard-pressed to find affordable, in-season blooms.9Buy grocery store blooms.If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, keep things simple and pick up a few beautiful arrangements from Trader Joe’s. The flowers are reasonably priced and often sourced from local vendors. Many grocery stores also have a florist on staff who can help you create something extra-special and give you guidance. Photo by: Sanaz Photography10DIY your bouquets and arrangements. This may seem daunting, but if you choose simple arrangements and bouquets that feature just one or two blooms and fillers — and you follow our how-to guide! — you can put together perfectly pretty arrangements on a super tight budget. You can also meet in the middle: hire a pro to do just the bouquets — which will appear in a lot of photos — and DIY your centerpieces. 
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