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10 Realizations You'll Have About Yourself While Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning isn't just a time for coordinating the single biggest event of your life (thus far, at least), it's also a time of self-discovery — for better AND for worse. While every bride-to-be is different, and some are lucky enough to not feel any effects from planning at all, many will likely experience these 10 self-revelations.
1. You really, really care about napkin patterns. 
Polka dot, floral, linen, satin, lace-trimmed — so many options! But which one is just right for your reception? Good thing you don’t mind spending hours in quiet contemplation over this very, very crucial detail. Never mind that people are going to use these things to literally wipe the food that didn't make it into their mouths off of their faces — napkins matter
2. You do take things personally. 
A friend of yours can't make your bridal shower because it's her sister's birthday...and quite frankly? You're somewhat offended and basically just want to cry. No, you're not wrong to think that her sister will have many, many more birthdays and you will only have one shower. You're just feeling a little...sensitive, is all. 
3. You totally should have gone to so-and-so's bridal shower. 
After you get over being upset that your friend can't attend, you think back to the showers, engagement parties, and bachelorettes you bowed out of (likely due to perfectly legitimate reasons) and realize how much it would have meant to those ladies had you been there. You vow to never miss a friend's wedding-related celebration again. 
4. You're not as crafty as you thought. 
Those glitter-festooned letters you saw on Pinterest? Not as easy to recreate as it might have seemed. It's okay if you find yourself with sparkles shellacked to your fingers, weeping softly. DIY is hard. 
5. Your spreadsheet game is strong. 
Whenever you've had to use Excel for work, you've dreaded it (and may even have felt confused or overwhelmed or angry). But when you're enlisting the tool for your wedding timeline or using it to balance your budget, you're a total pro — imagine that! 
6. You can talk on the phone with your mom for over three hours and not even notice. 
Getting sucked into the wedding conversation vortex is surprisingly easy. You call your mom and then all of a sudden, it's dark outside, you're hungry, and you get off the phone unable to remember what you discussed. Flowers? Seating chart? Maybe? But it felt like just a couple of minutes... 
7. You probably could have eloped. 
Honestly, wedding planning is more work than you realized. It's perfectly normal if you start having elopement fantasies even when you're merely weeks away from the big day. Actually, especially when you're weeks away from the big day. 
8. Your concept of money is now totally skewed, albeit temporarily. 
Three hundred dollars to take up the hem of your too-long wedding gown? Seems totally reasonable. Thousands of dollars on flowers that are going to perish within 24 hours (even though they'll look totally gorgeous in your photos)? Perfectly normal! Don't worry, you'll go back to your totally reasonable self when it comes to spending post-nuptials. 
9. You don't handle stress all that well. Crying and, yes, yelling, might become part of your weekly (erm, daily?) life. No, these reactions are not productive, but they do happen. To many of us. You're not completely insane. Maybe just temporarily. 
10. You really, truly appreciate your core friends and family. 
On a more serious note, wedding planning is an important time in your life and, chances are, you're going to find out very quickly who's going to be there for you in the days leading up to your nuptials — and on the day of and afterwards — and who's not. It's easy to dwell on the no-shows and those who seem to care less that you're getting hitched. But, more than likely, you'll focus on how much you love and cherish the ones who step up and show up for you. These are the people who will be there to support you and your marriage for many years to come.
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