8 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding

You've planned every detail - from the menu on down to the sequined tablecloths. But for even the most organized, type-A brides, there will be surprises on your wedding day. Don't panic! Read on to discover eight things no one tells you about your wedding. 8 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Photo by Laura Gordon Photography on Snippet and Ink 1. Someone close to you will completely let you down...and someone you never expected will totally step up. You know how your maid of honor started dating a new guy a month before your wedding? She might throw a fit and demand a plus-one for him, even though your guest list is tiny. (Our advice: talk it out and don't let it ruin your friendship -- everyone's emotions are running high!) And your cousin who you only see once a year? She might step up to help finish the DIY projects, zip you into your gown, and carry your lipstick in her purse. That's the thing about wedding magic -- it sometimes turns the impossible into reality. 2. You might not cry when you say your vows. And that's totally OK! Not everyone reacts the same way when they are emotional, and you might find yourself bursting into giggles or remaining totally line-faced even though you're overwhelmed with emotions. 3. Those people who didn't RSVP? They won't even cross your mind on the big day. You've driven yourself crazy trying to track down those good-for-nothing, MIA invitees who couldn't be bothered to RSVP. But you know what? On your wedding day, you'll only notice the people who are there, smiling and celebrating your love, and the rest will instantly disappear from your thoughts. 4. All that food you chose so carefully? You probably won't eat much of it. Most couples are too excited and too busy making the rounds greet guests to eat much of anything during the reception. We recommend having a proper lunch before heading to the ceremony, but if that's not possible, just be sure you scarf down some trail mix, a protein bar, or a sandwich before your "I dos." And if you don't get a chance to eat, go easy on the signature cocktails! (Alternatively, you can schedule the toasts during the meal at the reception and actually enjoy the food you spent so many hours tasting and choosing.) wedding_photo_couple_romantic,8 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Photo by Ciara Richardson 5. Things will go wrong...but it will all still work out.  The mics might not work, the florist might not show up, and you may end up having to safety-pin the train of your gown because no one can figure out the bustle. All of that is OK. What matters on your wedding day is saying your vows, getting married, and spending time with those you love. 6. Unexpected expenses may crop up. Make sure you (or a VIP -- your dad, your maid of honor) has your checkbook and a few envelopes on the big day. You may have to tip a delivery driver or photographer's assistant, write a check to a vendor you thought you could pay the following week, or hand over some cash for emergency umbrellas when a storm rolls in unexpectedly. 7. Move wedding gifts and envelopes to the car or bridal suite ASAP -- not all guests are scrupulous. It really sucks to have to think about this, but if there are people you don't know well at your wedding -- or your venue is publicly accessible -- you'll want to shuffle your cards and gifts somewhere safe as soon as everyone has arrived and is seated at the ceremony. 8. The post-wedding blues are no joke! The day after your wedding you'll feel happy, to be sure, but you'll also feel a sense of letdown because all the excitement is over. We recommend doing an activity to keep your mind occupied. Want more tips? Read on, Loverlies: How to Write Your Wedding Vows 3 Day-of Timelines You Can Actually Use Meet Bridechilla, the New Wedding 'Monster'