Why You and Your Partner Should Definitely Learn about Wine

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A gorgeous wedding is amazing, but a strong marriage is even better—especially one in which a couple can explore their shared interests and truly bond in the process. Since plenty of couples kick back with a glass of wine at the end of the day, we were intrigued by the super-accessible, personalized wine club offered by Tasting Room, and we asked one of our editors to give it a test run. Here's what she learned. Romantic Woodland Engagement Shoot (with the Sweetest Proposal Story!) It's safe to say that my husband and I don't know a lot about wine, except for the fact that we enjoy drinking it. We don't know all the fancy terms or really anything about the grapes – or why we liked certain bottles we’ve found and disliked others. We just know whether we enjoy the taste of a given wine. This is why we kinda fell in love with Tasting Room: There's no wine snobbery, no complex notes you're supposed to smell or taste. You just sample six wines from mini bottles they send you in a kit, follow the instructions on their site, and you quickly learn all about the kinds of wine you like and where they come from. And from then on, they send you regular-size bottles that match your taste preferences. Most importantly, though, we realized that learning about wine doesn't need to be stuffy or complicated. It can actually be pretty awesome for some pretty unexpected reasons. It makes wine drinking more interactive Opening up a bottle of wine can be romantic, but usually you just pour the wine, do a quick cheers, then sip. However, the straightforward rating system on Tasting Room's site presented us with two wines at a time to compare, and then click on the one we preferred. This led us to sip, swap, sip again and actually discuss the aromas and flavors we detected in each wine. It made it easy to focus on flavor and enjoyment in a fun, non-stuffy way. We didn't need to know any fancy lingo or terminology, which made the process super easy. It allows you to see through your partner's eyes As we tasted, my husband and I sometimes disagreed which wine was the better of two the site asked us to compare. This encouraged us to articulate what it was about the flavors of each wine we enjoyed or didn’t. We learned we could have two different perspectives and opinions on the same thing (much like a life situation). Who knew that wine tasting could boost your relationship communication?! It's more budget-friendly Before we tried Tasting Room, my husband and I would pretty much drink any wine. If we opened a bottle and hated it, we wouldn’t finish it. Such a waste. But now Tasting Room sends us wines in regular-size bottles that match our taste profile, and they all come to us at the same low price – just $13 per bottle. We no longer have to play a guessing game in the wine shop. It makes date night a breeze Rating the wines in our tasting kit was a fun date-night activity in itself. But having the chance to learn what we like (according to Tasting Room's rating system, we're into big, opulent red wines), we now have a much better idea what to look for next time we go out to dinner. We actually know which pages of the wine list to flip to, and can get on with enjoying the evening together. Ready for a better wine experience? Click here for a special offer from Tasting Room.
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