How to Pull Off a Non-Girly Pink Wedding (Yes, It's Possible!)

Your invitations, your way.
We're crazy about pink here at Loverly, but we know that as a wedding color, pink can quickly go from muted and chic to a Victoria's Secret-style bonanza. In honor of National Pink Day on June 23, we've put together a few tips for how to pull off a pink wedding that's not overly girly.

Choose a super-festive theme that involves lots of bright colors.

We love the look of lots of bold colors -- including bright pinks and reds -- at a wedding. Getting married in May? Have a Cino de Mayo-inspired fete!

Opt for a few pink decor items.

Instead of a pink lighting scheme or bright fuchsia tablecloths, choose pale pink vases or escort cards.

Keep your palette broad.

There's no hard-and-fast rule that says you have to choose a single color and use it for every detail at your wedding. Choose a broad palette of complementary shades for a sophisticated and artistic wedding look.

Choose vintage-inspired tones for your bridal party.

Skip the bubblegum pink ties, vests, and bridesmaid dresses, and choose shades that are slightly more muted, like blush or dusty rose. 
About the author
Stephanie is a lifestyle journalist based in Philadelphia.