How to Make Your Wedding DIYs Look Perfectly Polished

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[[opening: In partnership with Avery ]] When you think of wedding DIYs, your mind probably jumps to lace, burlap, and twine. But, as much as we love that rustic vibe, it isn't every crafty couples' style! So, if you're looking to add a little personalization to your big day without feeling confined to that homespun look, check out these products and ideas inspired by Avery. From city glam to art deco to modern chic, your wedding style can still have that handmade touch while looking super sleek.

1. Modern Fonts
Your Save the Dates and Invitations set the tone for the main event. If you're going for a more streamlined vibe, choose fonts that reflect that with lettering that's clear and easy to read, not super thick, and fairly straight-forward. (No elaborate script or curlicues!) Choose two fonts max to keep the look cohesive. Check out notecards by Avery for options you can design and print on.

2. Clean lines
Design place cards with simplicity in mind. A thick border and minimal artistic touches will keep the look nice and clean. Typing names out in straight lines, rather than hand-writing, is also a great way to add a modern touch. Use this template to design tent cards you can use for place cards.

3. A clear color scheme
Too many hues can be distracting—and the overall look will seem less unified. By choosing a set palette—like black, white, and gold—you will still have room to be creative and your wedding will look contemporary and stylish.

4. Layered textures
Adding in texture is a great way to keep everything cohesive and up the design factor of your wedding, too. When the colors are consistent, polka dot straws can mingle with patterned napkins and DIY stationary like place cards and favor labels. Everything matches without looking flat.

5. Angular shapes
Rather than use circles or more whimsical shapes, use squares and rectangles to label your favors and as place cards. These clean lines will give your event modern flair and make everything look updated and chic. You can print square labels using this template, or you can order from Avery WePrint, where Avery will print and deliver to your door.
Head to Avery for more crafty ideas and materials!
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