6 Common Annoying Habits That Drive Your Partner (And You!) Crazy

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It's safe to say that living with another person can get a little frustrating at times. (Or maybe not so little...) And when you're living with a spouse or spouse-to-be, well, you're in it for life. In fact, your partner — and you! — probably have some pretty annoying habits that drive each other completely nuts. To be fair, we all have them! Many of these behaviors are pretty common in the scheme of things. This is actually pretty comforting, in the sense that if you're going to drive each other crazy, at least everyone else is doing it, too! Y'all are not alone, trust us! Here are just six of the more common annoying habits that are bound to come up in your coupledom, if they haven't already.

"Loud" Chewing


 If you feel like you're on the only one who's been told that you're the "loudest chewer in the entire world," you are not alone. We're not sure what it is about people believing their spouses somehow masticate at a volume that exceeds all others (give us a break!) they've heard before, but many of us have experienced this phenomenon first-hand. Or, on the flip side, a number of us, in fact, live with the universe's quote-unquote loudest chewer.

Finishing The Rest Of The Milk


 Milk is a versatile food item. You might use it for cereal, coffee, tea, smoothies, making cookies, eating cookies with, and a huge number of other yummy recipes. Therefore, common courtesy dictates that before you drink the last of this multipurpose beverage, you must ask everyone else in the household if this is okay—or at least give them a heads up. Or at the very least put "milk" back on the grocery list for all that is good in this world! Lest you incur the wrath of your partner glaring at you while holding a dry bowl of Wheaties or find themselves midway through making cupcakes with no milk in sight. Not cool, y'all. Not cool.

Putting Cold Feet On You In Bed


 Some of us (*raises hand*) may feel like marriage gives us the right to warm our toes on our partner's toasty thighs and calves. Whatever happened to "to have and to hold"? Sometimes your feet are just too cold, they need to be held! This is one hundred percent understandable and necessary. Those on the receiving end of this action feel quite differently...

Dropping Clothing On The Bedroom Floor


For too many men, women, and everyone in between, feel that the hamper is an elusive object. Yes, it sits in the same place every day. Yes, it's sole purpose is for storing dirty clothes. But for some reason, it's just easier to take off one's outfit and throw it directly onto the floor. Where it can be tripped on by the love of your life.

Leaving Cabinet Doors Open


We've all heard (and experienced) how frustrating it is when a dude leaves the toilet seat up. Talking about annoying habits, ew. But a less talked about habit is more general—the leaving open of any and all doors, drawers, and other things that open and shut. If you've ever entered the kitchen after your significant other, you may be able to track exactly what they did in there simply based on what you have to close. Or worse, what you smack your head onto.

Not Picking Up After Themselves


While some people have a tendency to leave a trail of open doors, some people have a tendency to trail after them closing said doors, picking up dishes, putting their keys into the designated key bowl— that you've pointed out a billion freaking times!— and otherwise picking up after them. I guess that's partnership? No, actually, that's babysitting. Get it together, y'all! What habits drive you—or your partner!—crazy, Loverlies?!
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