5 Brazilian Wedding Traditions We Love

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Brazil has a rich history of wedding customs and we are really digging them! Brazilian wedding traditions are both numerous and creative; we think there's something in this list that everyone can cheer for -- or add to their own wedding-day plan. Read on to see five of our favorite Brazilian wedding traditions.

Both brides and grooms wear engagement rings.

This trend has been on the rise in the U.S. for the last several years, but Brazilian men and women have been wearing non-diamond engagement rings for generations.

More Samba, please!

No Brazilian wedding would be complete without the sounds of Samba blaring all night long.

The engagement ring is worn on the right hand, then moved to the left after marriage.

Many couples wear the same ring before and after the wedding; moving the band from one hand to the other symbolizes the move from engaged to married.

Each bridesmaid wears a different color. 

North American brides have been opting for mismatched bridesmaid dresses in recent years, but we love the Brazilian custom of choosing a different color for each and every person up at the altar.

Mmm, bem casados.

These delicious sweet treats (which look a lot like currently-trending treat the macaron) are typically given as favors at Brazilian weddings. The name translates to "good marriage."
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