5 Wedding After-Party Ideas Fit for Every Kind of Crowd

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It's safe to say that you're not going to want your wedding day to end (ever). Which is why a number of couples decide to keep the fun going by hosting or simply coordinating an after-party for guests who want to continue the celebration. While you don't necessarily have to foot the bill for this post-wedding event, you should consider what type of party might be the best fit for your crowd. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm the ideal way to make your big day last well into the night. Indie Wedding Captured by Oh, Darling Dance Club For a younger crowd who loves a sweaty dance floor, hitting a local club with a killer DJ will definitely do the trick to keep the party going. This can be an awesome idea especially if your venue shuts down on the earlier side due to noise restrictions or other rules. Pool Hall If your guests are less into dancing and more into games, a pool hall can be a fun way to wind down the evening. Those who want to play can get into twosomes and face off, while those who just want to hang can grab a beer and a late night bite. Karaoke Bar Maybe your crowd is not filled with shy types—at all—or a large contingent of friends and family love belting out tunes (perhaps after a couple of drinks). In any case, a karaoke bar can be fun for both participants and spectators alike. You two could even grace the stage with a duet, if you're feeling brave. Hotel Lounge If you're doing a destination wedding and most of your guests are staying at the same place, heading to the hotel's lounge is ideal, especially if you're bussing everyone to and from the venue. This way, older people (and those who have had too much fun) can head to bed while everyone who's still excited to hang out can do so. Plus, since you're providing the hotel so much business, you may be able to get a break on drink prices. Fast Food Joint Honestly, some of the most fun—and unforgettable—after-parties are those seemingly low-key, unexpected ones. And, seriously, did you ever think you'd walk into a fast food place wearing a wedding dress?! If your crowd is more into getting a bite than having a nightcap, lead a pilgrimage toward your favorite greasy joint and revel in watching your loved ones eat burgers and fries while wearing their wedding finest. Whatever you choose to do, you really can't go wrong as long as you get to spend a couple more precious hours with your nearest and dearest!
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