5 Wedding Activities that Turn Into Totally Timeless Keepsakes

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Everyone says your wedding will go by in a flash—and it's true! But the big day doesn't need to be totally over after the last dance is done: In fact, there are some really fun wedding activities you can include on the day of and then continue to enjoyed for years to come.
If extending the celebration appeals to you, consider incorporating one—or all!—of these interactive components at your wedding. Not only will they help further entertain your guests, but they'll also allow you to relive the happy feelings from your day again and again.

1. Ceremony time capsule

During your ceremony, create a time capsule with your spouse: Include printed versions of your vows, letters to each other, maybe a bottle of wine, and other special mementos from the day. Your officiant will cue you to nail the box shut and you'll keep it closed until the time you designate to open it—on your one-year anniversary or your tenth!

2. Wedding advice cards

 Ask guests to share their best marriage advice with you! Have guests write down their tips by the year based on the table they're seated at. Then, collect the advice into envelopes and open them on their designated yearly milestones.

3. Wine bottle table numbers 

Mark each table with a bottle of wine, and provide paint pens so your guests can write sweet messages on them. Then, open a bottle each anniversary to toast your wedding day! You can also opt for empty wine bottles, so guests can slip messages inside and you and crack one open each year. 

4. Guest mad libs 

Provide mad libs that guests can fill out, either on their place settings or in a stack near the guest book. After they're collected, stow them away until a designated date, then read what everyone wrote. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be so grateful to everyone who attended your wedding. 

5. Postcard guest book 

In lieu of a traditional guest book, provide blank postcards for guests to write their well-wishes on, then keep the postcards in a designated box or container until you're ready to read them.
You might pull out one or two every year, or you might choose a date—maybe your five-year anniversary?—to read them all at once!
Natasha Burton
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