How to Make Adorable Dip-Dyed Marshmallows

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- Food coloring (we used gel but any food coloring will do)
- A bit of water


Fill your bowl with about 1.5" of water.
Add a few drops of food coloring, keeping in mind the more you add, the brighter the color of the marshmallow will be.
Stir until the color is completely blended in the water.
Submerge half of the marshmallow gently in the bowl for five seconds, then take it out and check the color.
If you prefer a darker shade, dip the marshmallow in the mixture for another five seconds.
Once your marshmallow is the perfect hue, set it aside to dry with the dye side facing down. We suggest letting the marshmallows sit for an hour or so before serving so the dye doesn't get on your guests' hands and the marshmallows aren't soggy to the touch.
These sweet treats look right at home on a spring dessert buffet!
Alexia Conley
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