How to Make Your Wedding Registry Guest-Friendly

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Registering for wedding gifts is like creating a wish list that is almost guaranteed to be fulfilled (sounds pretty great, right?). But before you go crazy with the scanner, remember to consider the people who will be doing the buying. Here are six tips for making sure your wedding registry is totally guest-friendly.

1. Make sure to include items at a variety of price points.

While fine china may be at the top of your list, be sure to include a range of price points (think: everyday silverware, table linens, etc.) that your guests can choose from. If you only include pricey items, your guests may end up giving gifts begrudgingly or going off the registry.

 2. Register at one or more national chain stores.

Sure, an online registry may seem like an easy option to you, but it's likely that not all of your guests are comfortable navigating them or making purchases online. Make sure to set-up a registry at at least one national chain store, where guests can shop in person. 

3. Be wary of only asking for money.

There's really no polite way to ask for money. While you may choose to set-up an online registry that allows for cash gifts, it's wise to include tangible items for guests who would rather buy you an actual gift.

 4. Give the option of a group gift. 

A great option for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and those who have been involved with every event from the beginning – this is a more wallet-friendly way to approach the registry. For those close to you, who've already shelled out a bunch of dough, give them the option of going in on a group gift. 

5. Remember that giving a gift not a must.

 Wedding gifts are definitely awesome, but they aren't required... If a guest lets you know that he or she can't afford a gift, or simply doesn't get you one, try to be understanding. Show your gratitude for the gifts you do receive, and all of the love, support, and enthusiasm your guest bring along the way! 
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