The Ultimate
Wedding Guide
for Nearlyweds & Guests
So much goes into saying “I Do”.All of the planning you will be doing leads up to one day. And Loverly is here to make sure that it not only goes smoothly, but is also one of the most memorable moments of your life. Get knowledgeable about everything from wedding registry do’s and don'ts to the logistics behind destination weddings. We’ll make sure you actually enjoy your wedding day.

No need for hundreds of Google searches and bookmarked pages. Use our guides to help walk you through the most involved elements of your wedding planning process. We cover everything from proposing to creating a budget to choosing stationery fabric. Just search for what you need!
For Newlyweds.We understand that wedding planning is no small feat. And sometimes you need someone to just sit down and explain the elements of planning step by step so you don’t miss a beat. That’s why we created our Loverly guides. Extensive, easy-to-understand outlines that give all the information you’d ever need on the elements of wedding planning.

For Guests.Whether you’re a first time wedding guest or a seasoned bridesmaid, we all need a little refresher on wedding 101. Use our guides for help ranging from purchasing registry gifts to what to wear as a distant cousin.
The Official Loverly Wedding Planning
Our book, The Official Loverly Wedding Planner, is your one-stop shop for all things wedding. All of our guides, tips, and insights in the palm of your hand. Order a hardcopy now to have and to hold (literally). Kellee and Loverly’s team of experts will help you plan a memorable and impactful wedding totally unique to you!
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