Budget Saving Tips

Kellee Khalil
Being able to create a clear and accurate budget makes all the difference when it comes to wedding planning. We’ll be breaking down the budgeting process so that you can make sure each and every dollar counts.

What Is A Wedding Budget?

If you want to stick to a wedding budget you’ll need to understand what it actually is. In its simplest form, a budget is just the amount that you plan to spend on your wedding day. In other words, it’s a “cap” or “limit”on what your total costs can be. But that’s not all that helpful without a way to track and record your spending along the way, so we’ll want to be a little more detailed. A complete wedding budget outlines all of the costs line-by-line accounting for maximums, minimums, and any splurges you might just have to have along the way.We get that money math can be especially overwhelming on top of all the wedding planning you have to do, but we have helpful tips and guidance that’ll make building your wedding budget a breeze from start to finish.
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