Tida Svy Photography

Los Angeles, California
About Tida Svy Photography
My name’s Tida (like pita)! I’m a Palm Springs wedding photographer and I am so freakin’ excited that you’re HERE, you’re ENGAGED, and you’re looking to get some photos to celebrate it! To tell you a lil about myself - I’m not just another photographer – I’m your hype girl, your ally, your eyes and your ears on your wedding day. I’ll be there freaking out shouting “OMG HOT FIRE ALERT” hyping you up during portraits because holy-shit you look amazing AF! I’ll be dancing circles around your guests while I shove my camera in their faces, fixing your hair when the wind gets too cray, and confidently (and loudly) directing your family portrait time. I’m a tiny ball of giant energy and gurl, it shows on your wedding day – TRUST.

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