The Wedding Nanny®

Chesterfield, United Kingdom
About The Wedding Nanny®
We are an award winning childcare service that specialises in providing one-to-one luxury childcare, tailored specifically for you, the wedding couple. Ran by Natalie with a very small team and known for building personal and private connections with families across the UK. Our goal is to ensure that each child is fully engaged and present throughout your special day. By having a nanny for each child, we can cater to their specific needs and preferences. This approach allows us to address any concerns promptly, whether a child needs a quiet space to relax or is enjoying the attention. We are committed to supporting you and your children throughout the day, including nap times, bottle feeds, nappy changes and to adapt to your day. We stand out by never showing the faces of children, the wedding couple, or guests in our photos. Privacy is paramount to us. Our personalised, one-on-one care is truly unparalleled.
The Wedding Nanny®
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