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About Some Like It Classic Wedding Design
Our design and coordination team wants to work with you to create your fairytale wedding experience. Propelled by your vision, we work with you to transform your wedding into a personalized space with creative table decor, stylish accents, sumptuous food pairings, and an unforgettable night of fun. Every ounce of your wedding is personalized with a client-driven design so your day is a one-of-a-kind, never before seen wedding that is yours and only yours. Our primary goal is to help ease any wedding stress or stuffiness with one-on-one communication with an experienced Designer backed by a team of experienced and fashion forward ladies while delivering you a day beyond what you dreamed of and of course having fun along the way. Contact us now to setup your free consultation in our gorgeous studio in the 'Wedding District' of Old Town Scottsdale with these award winning designers.
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Some Like It Classic Wedding Design
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