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Naples, Florida
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Lyane Mor' produces experiences by captivating our couples' essence through detailed design and the enhancing of guests experience with unexpected touches. We specialize in creating timeless and sophisticated events that are as breath-taking as they are engaging. Every interaction is designed to leave a lasting impression that will be remembered long after the night ends. At Lyane Mor' we believe that a luxury service is about the exclusivity showcased throughout the design and planning process. We are committed to making our clients experience one that they can only describe as inclusive, detailed, and truly captivating. With the benefit that our wedding design team can produce your destination weddings in Florida, around the nation, and internationally. Truly wherever you envision celebrating your love surrounded by your loved ones. Beyond the logistics, we also curate the details of your day to speak to your unique vision. Find intricate moments and imagine up "wow" factors to enhance your guests' experience. Captivating the essence of a wedding that can only be designed for you because no two couples of ours are ever alike so none of our weddings will ever look or feel the same.
Lyane Mor’ Events
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