Catalina Jean Photo

Portland, Oregon
About Catalina Jean Photo
My style is natural meets minimal, real meets adventure, great light meets the great outdoors. From intimate interactions and big moments to various pieces of décor and architecture. In vast deserts or tall mountains or open fields or maybe just that simple downtown street you love. Your best girlfriends busting out their dance moves to those bad tunes from the 2000s, grandma and grandpa tearing up as they watch your first dance, wide smiles and those squinty eyes you only get from bear hugs as your family and friends wrap you up in their arms. What is important to you? That is what is important to me. The real stuff. Not the “event” stuff - the reason for the event: your love and the people who love you. And given my love for nature and photography, it’ll probably come as no surprise to you that Palm Springs is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings. This desert location decorated with cacti and plant life, unique windmills, and rolling mountains make it a superb place to capture dream-like images of two people in love.

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