Your Wedding Invitation Timeline

Kellee Khalil
Wondering when on earth to start thinking about wedding invitations? There’s a whole slew of steps involved in finding, ordering, and sending the perfect invites. We’ve mapped out every part of the process right here. You're welcome!
Pro Tip:
Download our Wedding Stationery Planning Timeline to help you stay on track with all of your stationery due dates!

Find and Browse Inspiration

6+ months before the wedding Invitations should NOT be your number one wedding planning priority (you have a venue to find and a caterer to hire!), but start browsing the web for styles you love. You never know, an invitation suite might end up inspiring your whole wedding style! 

Meet with Wedding Concierge and Order a Sample Kit

8-9 months before the wedding. Meet with a Minted Wedding Concierge and order a stationery sample kit. Just like you’d “interview” other wedding vendors, you’ll want to get a feel for invitation options before committing. Request a sample kit to see (and feel!) different paper types, colors and styles.
Pro Tip:
The earlier you request your Minted Free Sample kit and meet with a Minted Concierge the more touch points we can create with them throughout their journey.

Save the Dates

8- 9 months before the wedding. Save-the-date cards aren’t required, but they’re a fun way to get your guests to mark their calendars. You should send your save the date cards 5-6 months before the wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding though, be sure to send them out earlier. 

Order the Invitations

3- 5 months before the wedding. Printing and shipping take time, so the sooner you place the order the better! Plus, ordering earlier means you’ll have time to proofread and make any necessary changes (without being pressed for time). Ordering the invitations includes deciding what they’ll say, so remember that you’ll have to have your venue, menu, accommodations, and timeline finalized first. If the stationary provider is handling your envelopes, too, you’ll need a maximum guest count ready. Don’t forget to order a few extras in case there are issues!

Address the Envelopes and Assemble the Pieces

2 to 3 months before the wedding. If you’re hiring a calligrapher to address the envelopes, they’ll likely want around two weeks to do the job (but an exact timeline will depend on your guest list and the specific artist, so ask ahead of time!).  While putting all the pieces of your invitations into envelopes isn’t hard per se, it’s definitely time-consuming! We’d recommend having a little party with your family or wedding planning crew to expedite the process. Just keep the snacks and drinks away from the stationery!

Send the Invitations

8 to 12 weeks before the wedding. You might have already sent a save-the-date to get your wedding on guests’ radars, but sending invitations between one and two months before the wedding gives them plenty of time to plan. After all, they might need to make travel arrangements or find a babysitter. 

Ask for RSVPs

At least 3 weeks before the wedding. A final headcount is key for the caterer and they’ll probably want your total tally a week before the wedding. A few extra weeks out gives you time to call non-responders and ask if they’ll be attending. Plus, you’ll need some time to plan the final seating chart. Of course, you'll want to adjust these guidelines for your particular wedding. For example, you might want to send invitations a little earlier for a destination wedding. Or, if you're having a super intimate wedding, you might be able to get away with pushing the RSVP date back a bit.This is just a good starting point to keep you on track!

Send Thank You Notes

Between 1-2 months after the wedding, you’ll want to make sure you send out proper thank you’s to all the guests that attended, whether they gifted or not!
Pro Tip:
If you prefer to include a photo from your wedding on your thank you cards, you can also wait until you receive them from your photographer to add them to your personalized Thank You Card design but note it will affect your timing for getting the thank you cards out.
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