Wedding Stationery Production and Delivery

Kellee Khalil
So you’ve got your stationery looking amazing… now what? How are you getting it from the drawing board to an assembled invitation suite?


Belly Band
This is a thin piece of paper or material that will hold the multiple elements of your wedding invites together and is a great way to tie in your design together.
A nice embellishment for your packaging.
Use whatever sealing options traditionally come with your packaging. This might include a standard envelope, a sticker, or packing tape.
Find some nice stickers that go with your vibe or get custom stickers made just for your wedding to make communications feel special!
Wax Seal
Take your guests back in time with this old-school method - feel free to personalize with you and your partner's initials or family crests!
Unique Materials
Metal or leather clasps, braids, clips and binders are a great way to add a fun, unique touch to a paper suite

How to Assemble

Assemble by size with each card facing upwards and the largest card on the bottom. It is up to you if you want tissue paper between each invite layer! If including RSVP cards, place the envelope on top of the enclosure cards, printed side down and the envelope flap to the left. Then insert the reply/ RSVP card under the flap, print side up.
Pro Tip:
Don’t forget to pre-stamp the reply envelope!
If you are using two envelopes, place the fully assembled invitation suite in the inner envelope– left edge first for a single-card invitation. You want to leave the inner envelope unsealed. Put the unsealed invitation into the second envelope with the guests’ names facing outwards. Inner envelopes are not required and typically seen with more formal weddings.If you are using one envelope, place the fully assembled suite into the envelope left edge first. When the flap is opened, guests should be able to read your invitation while they take it out without having to turn it around.
Download this guide for a breakdown of Minted's wedding invitation suite!

Delivery & Guest List Management 

Once you’re holding the physical product in your hand, you have to get it to your guests. Here’s a quick preview of the delivery process. By now, you should have collected your guest’s contact info. For those who don’t know, you can use Loverly’s guest tool to automate the whole process for you by sending out a super link. Above all, make sure you have your guests Full Name, Full Address, Contact Number and Email Address.
Get started here → Guest List Manager Tool
Now onto the delivery itself. If there are any documents that need distributing, the two main methods you have for delivering them are shipping and hand-delivery. Here are some tips and ideas for both:


Shipping your packages and letters can take the pressure off of you to hand-deliver your stationery. Leave it in the mail carrier’s hands and enjoy your recipients’ reactions!Take precautions to prevent your ink from smudging. This can be done by wrapping your document in tissue paper, vellum, ribbon or string. It may raise the cost of your postage, but it’s worth it to keep your stationery looking beautiful.
Use the right amount of postage! Know what size packaging requires what amount of postage to prevent mailing delay. Hand deliver items to the post office. Never use drop-off bins to prevent unwanted folding, smushing, and stains. If what you have created is hard to reproduce, get insurance and tracing information. Especially if you are delivering larger, more involved packages.
Pro Tip:
Adding ribbons, wax seals, and other elements may increase the postage cost as the weight increases. Before you seal all your envelopes or decide on the final layout take a sample to two different post offices to have them give you the mailing rate.

Hand Delivery

Hand delivery can add a memorable and personal touch to the delivery of your stationary. This is also great if you’re going to be asking any of the recipients to join your wedding party or your engagement party. It is also cost-effective because you get to save money on shipping and mailing costs.
For a smaller group (like a wedding party proposal), think about gathering everyone at the same time so that they can all receive their packages simultaneously!
Know the right place for the right person. For example, don’t show up at someone’s place of work if they work somewhere like an office.
Be timely. Try to reach everyone within the same two weeks. Try for a month if it’s a larger group.