Why You Need Jewelry Insurance

Nicole Wegman
All jewelry designers will recommend this to their clients as soon as they make a purchase, and they aren’t just trying to upsell you! Remember, jewelry is small, high-value, and very easy to lose.

Always, always, always get ring insurance!

 If you do lose your jewelry, insurance will be the only thing that can ensure you’ll get it back - or at least recover the funds.
Pro Tip: Make sure to insure your jewelry the minute it’s purchased! You want to make sure you are fully covered as soon as you walk out that door. Plus, you can normally add insurance to your existing policies or use companies like Lemonade or Jewelers Mutual for quick additions.

Honeymoon Travel

Did you know that travel is one of the leading causes of lost engagement rings? When you finally go on your tropical honeymoon, the most important thing that you need to remember is to not go in the water with your jewelry on! This is SUCH AN EASY WAY TO LOSE YOUR RING and it’s so easy to avoid! Your fingers will likely shrink in the cold water which can cause your jewelry to slip right off. Always remember to leave it in your hotel room locked in the safe and, again, make sure that you have your ring insured.
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