Introduction to Wedding Flowers

Drew Rios
Flowers and floral arrangements are a huge aspect of wedding design. No matter what kind of decor you’re interested in, be prepared to complement it with flowers!
Most couples work with a professional florist, so you’ll have someone guiding you along the way; Regardless, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your flowers:

Trust the florist. 

First and foremost, trust the experts. If they say something isn’t going to work for one reason or another, they’re probably right. A good florist will always do their best to accommodate your preferences, but there will be things that are out of their control like durability, season, and cost.

Keep your budget in mind.

Flowers can be super expensive. That’s the unfortunate truth! Make sure your florist is aware of your budget so that they can give you options that are in your price range.

Stay seasonal.

Not only are seasonal blooms usually cheaper and more readily available, but they can also be a perfect way to create a sense of cohesion between your natural surroundings and your decor. Chances are your wedding style will be influenced by the time of year, so it makes sense to keep your flowers in season! 

Be clear about what you want. 

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes, so be specific when describing your vision to your florist. That said, once they understand what you’re going for, be open to any new ideas that they throw your way. Who knows, you may find your new favorite flower!

Lean into the venue.

If your venue has a lot of greenery or a certain style of landscaping, consider complimenting that with your flower and greenery choices.