Getting Familiar With the Loverly Platform

Kellee Khalil
Before we get into the planning process, we want to give you a quick orientation of how the Loverly platform works so you can get the most out of our free wedding planning tools. If you already feel comfortable with the platform feel free to skip this lesson!

Real Weddings 

Over the last few years, we’ve collected over 13,000 real wedding albums from real couples across the country and around the world. Each wedding is tagged by season, style, location, color, and comes with a full list of wedding vendors. This is a great place to begin your search for inspiration . If you see a wedding you love, click the ♥︎ to save the entire wedding album to your wedding planning dashboard where you can reference it at any time.

Mood Boards

As you’re browsing weddings or our galleries, you can click the ♥︎ icon to add individual images to a Mood Board. There is no limit to the number of boards you can create and you can toggle your boards between public and private depending on who you want to give access to. This is a great way to organize your favorite wedding ideas into groups. Some example wedding mood boards could be: “Unique Wedding Desserts”, “Rehearsal Dinner Dresses”, “Wedding Hairstyles I Love”, “'Blush and Neutral Color Palette”, etc. These vision boards will be a great visual tool in communicating your vision and vibe with wedding vendors!

Guest List Builder

Easily collect and store all your guests’ contact information with our super-handy link. All you need to do is share your personal link via text or email with your friends and loved ones. All their information will automatically be added to your wedding address book on Loverly. You also have the option to customize what information you collect like phone numbers, email, mailing address, and plus ones. Already have a running spreadsheet? You can also use our template to import existing contacts.

Manage Your Guest RSVP’s

Easily manage RSVPs across multiple events. Manually update guest responses or trigger email reminders. Track guest preferences like menu selections and accommodations like hotels and flights. Once you have final details, easily export all your guest details to give to your wedding coordinator, venue, or anyone else who needs access to wedding details.

Editorial Content & Product Lists

Over the last 10 years our Loverly editors, writers, and contributors have written around 3,000 articles on wedding planningtrendsproducts, and brands. Throughout this course we’ll link to articles that can give you a little extra information about a specific subject. We also may link to editorial roundups or lists of our favorite products. These product recommendations will appear within your Wedding Planning dashboard under “Products.” As a heads up, we sometimes use affiliate links for brands that we love and may get a small % from any sales.

Free Personalized Wedding Checklist

Within your wedding planning dashboard we offer a personalized and interactive wedding planning checklist. Think of this as your planning template - a way to keep yourself on track with some of the smaller wedding planning tasks. We’ll often link to specific wedding planning tasks or to-do’s.

Wedding Style Quiz

As part of your wedding planning dashboard and account set up, we have a fun little quiz designed to help you figure out your personal wedding style. By answering a few questions about you and your partner we’ll help guide you to a particular wedding style that might be a good match. It’s a fun way to start clarifying your wedding vibe and vision.

Product Recommendations

Throughout the lessons you’ll see product recommendations from some of our favorite retailers. They’re listed inside the lessons, but we also have them listed on your wedding planning dashboard. There are quite a few so you might want to filter by category! If you see something you like, click the ♥︎ to add it to one of your vision boards.