Designing & Defining Your Wedding Vibe

Jove Meyer
While there are so many different options for wedding venues each venue type has its pros and cons and they should be carefully considered before you pull the trigger on making a decision. We’ve highlighted a few below.

Hotel, Country Club, or Banquet Hall

Pros: Usually have an in house caterer and a salesperson who is extremely knowledgeable about the property. Will have standard in house rentals that are included in their fee. Will almost always have a rain contingency option.
Cons: There are set areas for events - not as much flexibility. Can feel “cookie cutter” to some. These venues will definitely have taxes, admin and misc. fees. 

Museum, Art Gallery, or Library

Pros: Can offer a very unique indoor setting. These venues add something visually interesting and can provide a wonderful backdrop for your event.
Cons: Not always easy for people who need special accommodations. Might require a few more vendors - caterer, rentals, lighting, etc.

Farm, Barn, or Garden Venue

Pros: Endless possibilities. Most of the time you're given a certain amount of time and as long as you work within their guidelines, you can make it your own.
Cons: Requires more vendors - often times, power, lighting, restrooms etc. You will need to make way for your own weather plan. Have a tent and some lighting on standby if you're getting married in a rainy season.
Photo by Jordan Voth
Photo by Jordan Voth

Church, Temple, or House of Worship

Pros: A sacred tradition and offers a feeling of intimacy, even when there's hundreds of people.
Cons: Will offer the least amount of flexibility. There are set guidelines on everything from where you can attach flowers to where your photographer can stand. 

Backyard, At Home Wedding, or Park

Pros: Similar to a farm or garden venue, you'll have lots of possibilities. You’ll also have the luxury of being able to stash personal belongings and sneak off to quiet spaces. 
Cons: More noise restrictions (make sure to contact the city and neighbors) and more damage liability (definitely get that insurance if going this route). These venues will have no staff, so consider hiring an attendant to check on restrooms and bus dirty glasses and napkins after cocktail hour.
Photo by Jordan Voth
Photo by Jordan Voth