A Crash Course in Event Planning

Jove Meyer
Okay, we’ve talked about budgeting, we’ve talked about vendors and vibes... now it’s time to talk about the main event—the big day itself!
Some of you might be party people who pride yourselves on your hosting abilities. They'll definitely come in handy, but let us warn you right now: this will be like no other event you’ve ever planned before. Others of you may be dreading the organization and hosting parts (shoutout to the introverts out there!), and that’s okay too! We’re here to walk you through event planning boot camp—and to remind you that there are plenty of ways to call for backup if you get stuck. But above all else, it is important to remember that this wedding day is all about YOU and YOUR PARTNER so make sure to create an event that will fit all of the things you love about your style, personality and relationship!