A Whimsical Fall Wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Belmont, North Carolina, United States
After twelve years of knowing each other, becoming best friends, and falling in love, these two artists tied the knot during a celebration that brought together two cultures, planned by Ashton Paris Events. During a masquerade-themed short film Angel decided to create, which featured the couple’s friends and family, Angel surprised Mary by getting down on one knee and asking her to spend forever with him. The couple chose a romantic, fairytale theme for their big day and desired to create a safe, memorable, and loving space for their guests. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden provided the perfect backdrop with its natural beauty and secret garden vibe. Elizabeth Sellers Photography and Shore and Summit storytelling captured the timeless and poetic details like the neutral colors of the florals by Le Petit Bloom, the light pinks and rose golds of the bridesmaids’ dresses, the greenery-adorned gingerbread cake by Kori’s Cakes, and the bride’s gown by Galia Lahav. The moments of love incorporated throughout the wedding were intended to spark joy for the bride, the groom, and their family and friends. Mary’s best friend’s mom served as their officiant, guests held rose quartz hearts as a prayer was spoken, Angel surprised his bride with a song, and butterflies were released after the first kiss. When one of the butterflies unexpectedly landed on Mary’s hand and clung to her dress, it was a reminder to the couple of loved ones who were not physically present with them and the importance of cherishing every little miracle life has to offer. Another such reminder came in the form of the teddy bear made by an artist in England using a favorite shirt of Mary’s stepfather, who passed away just months before the wedding. Stitched into the bear were the wedding date and the couple’s initials, and a second bear was made for Mary’s mom with the quote, “A hug from heaven when you need it most.” The floral locket on Mary’s bouquet, which contained a photo of her father along with his signature, was a gift from her childhood best friend and another tribute to a man who played a huge part in her life. La hora loca means, “the crazy hour,” and is a Spanish tradition in which the final hour of the wedding celebration is full of surprises for the bride and groom and their guests. For Mary and Angel, their family arranged samba dancers, incredible music and props for everyone to enjoy during the last hour before the couple made their getaway.
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A Whimsical Fall Wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
farmap-marker-altBelmont, North Carolina, United States

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