A Romantic Fall Wedding at Wine Art Estate

Mikrochori, Drama, Greece
This rustic chic wedding took place in a winery’s backyard in Greece and had many rustic elements to create a stunning affair. Lydia has a way of moving, of being, that exudes glamour. She’s a nature lover. The couple explored the Greek - fall (in love) forest through their wedding day. Their day started early in the morning, with music and friends beside them. They prepared separately and were so enthusiastic for the day to come. The venue had a unique meaning for the couple, as it’s a family-owned winery and the concept of the magical rustic chic wedding highlighted the general ambience of the winery. The enchanting lighting design was the highlight of the dance floor decor. The winery’s elements were incorporated in the concept like the DIY bar stand. Whimsical fairy lites over the roof were also part of these magical moments. Garden flowers were selected based on the wedding color palette which include natural - earthy tones and pastel hues. Accordingly, the wedding stationery was designed in a minimalistic way to embrace elegance.
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A Romantic Fall Wedding at Wine Art Estate
farmap-marker-altMikrochori, Drama, Greece

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