The Loverly Wedding Podcast

The Loverly Wedding Podcast

You got the ring, we got the rest.
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Host Kellee Khalil has helped thousands of couples get inspired and organized for their wedding day and now it’s her turn. As bride-to-be, Kellee chats with some of your favorite couples to hear what they wish they had done differently for their wedding day and breaks down the sometimes complicated and stressful parts of wedding planning. Plus, we’ll hear first hand advice from influential brides and some of the world’s most well known wedding professionals. It’s the party of your lifetime so let’s make sure you do it right. This is the Loverly Wedding Podcast.

The Host

Kellee Khalil is a serial entrepreneur, author, and brand builder. She has been profiled personally and professionally as the go-to on-air marketing and business expert in a myriad of global and national media outlets. In 2012 Kellee launched Loverly, the digital destination for modern couples planning their wedding. In 2018 she joined Engage Media Group, a brand development agency and venture studio with offices in New York and Los Angeles. She works with startups and Fortune 500 companies to produce head-turning campaigns that inspire and convert.

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