Wedding Invitation Do’s and Don'ts All Nearlyweds Need to Know

Your invitations, your way.
You have your date, your venue, your fiancé, and your guest list...but now you have to put all of the pieces together—and you have to fit it all on one piece of paper. How do you even begin to get started?
Don’t sweat it, Loverlies; we’re here to give you a quick run-down on all the dos and don’ts that you’ll need to keep in mind for sending out your invites. So take a couple of deep breaths and read on to learn how to get those invites out the door without breaking a sweat!
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Do: Do your research

It might be tempting to Google “wedding invitations” and click the first website without a second though. But we promise it’s worth it to take the time and find a company that you’re really truly excited about working with. Plus, if you’re really feeling lost you can take advantage of some free virtual consultations and speak to an expert wedding concierge for free.

Don’t: Take too long to get started

You might be thinking, “How hard can one card be?” While there’s no harm in keeping things simple, make sure that you allot yourself plenty of time so that you don’t have to feel rushed. Plus, you want to be courteous to your guests by giving them an appropriate amount of notice before the big day! Scheduling in a wedding invitation timeline will make sure that everything is signed, sealed, and delivered with time to spare. 

Do: Take advantage of free samples

While shopping online is great, sometimes you just want to hold a product in your hand, especially when your guests will be receiving it in person. Taking advantage of free sample programs will help you feel good about the choices you’re making—a definite must. Especially when you consider all of the amazing different textures and details you can get for your wedding stationery these days!
 via Minted 
 via Minted 

Don’t: Get overwhelmed with options

When we say there are countless stationery options out there, we mean it. Invitation shopping is a great time to trust your gut—and the experts. With Minted’s community of independent artists and designers, there is truly no wrong choice to make. But if you need a little help, you can check out some of our favorites right here!

Do: Have a set guest list or at least guest count in mind

We all know how it is: you have an idea of who’s coming and then your mom invites her friends from book club she wants to impress and the list just keeps growing… But you really need the hard number so that you can make one order and not scramble at the last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask some tough questions to cut down your guest list!
That said, you should always order a few extra, just in case! 

Don’t: Worry about tracking down everyone’s addresses

Gone are the days of flipping through phone books or Rolodexes and attempting to decipher your own smudged handwriting. With the Minted app, addressing envelopes couldn’t be easier. It seamlessly creates your own personalized address book, so you can keep everyone’s contact information in one place and update it anytime! (Well, any time you have your phone, at least.)

Do: Personalize your invitations

You want your invitations to feel as “you” as possible, so look for fun options to make some more “you” into the design! You can add a lot more than just your names on these cards. Consider customizing your invitations to include your favorite photo of you and your fiancé or try Minted’s free monogram maker to create a cute design that you can use over and over again all throughout your wedding planning process. 

Don’t: Include more information than you need

Like we said at the beginning, this is just one piece of paper. While you may love the idea of sharing the story of how you met, maybe save some things for the wedding website and keep your invitations elegant and clean. In other words, stick to the need-to-know info. The most important thing is to give your guests quick access to all the important details of the day!

Do: Remember to get cute, matching stamps!

We know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts...but in this case, we think the outside matters, too! Cute stamps are the perfect final touch on your invitations that will make them spectacular. We highly recommend checking out places to buy vintage stamps for a truly one-of-a-kind experience for all of your guests. 

Don’t: Bother hand-addressing every single envelope

Your hands will cramp, you’ll probably smudge some ink, and you’re bound to spell at least one thing wrong. Trust us when we say: it’s not worth it, especially not when you can get custom envelopes and free addressing services. And hey, if you happen to have an app that already has all of the addresses, that’s one less step for you to have to worry about. What a time to be alive!

Do: Complete the Suite

While this list is mostly about wedding invitations, there are plenty of other occasions in the wedding planning process where stationery may be necessary. Minimize the stress by using full invitation suites to coordinate RSVP cards, reception information, and maybe even a photo of the gorgeous couple. (Come on, you know you look good!) Plus, with matching belly bands and wax seals, you can be sure that everything is cute and coordinated down to the very last detail.

Don't: Forget the details

When it comes down to it, wedding invitations are the first look that your guests are getting into your wedding day. Think about your wedding aesthetic and find creative ways to include it in the invitation to make your wedding stand out before it’s even begun. A great way to do that is by adding some texture and shine with some hand-pressed foil—who doesn’t love a little bit of extra sparkle?
So there you go: our dos and don’ts of wedding invitations. Hopefully, we’ve successfully demystified the wedding stationery world for you a bit! With companies like Minted (and us, hi!) working to make your planning process easier, we have no doubt your invites will be nothing short of perfect.
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