5 Wedding Color Mistakes You DON'T Want to Make

Colors are crucial when it comes to wedding decor! They can unify everything from your bridal party to the tablescapes...even you and your sweetie! But when it comes to colors, it's important to choose wisely—one false move and your wedding can go from dashing to dismal. Here are five wedding color mistakes you're definitely going to want to avoid.

1Choosing colors that are too garish. 

With all the white associated with weddings, we understand the desire to perk things up with a pop of color…but try not to get too hue-happy. We recommending using at least one pale neutral as a base—think white, beige, or mocha—to keep it from being overwhelming, and try to choose brights that are still pleasing to the eye.

2Selecting many colors. 

We know, it’s tough to choose just a few! But try to narrow your palette to 3-5 colors, tops; this will strike a nice balance in your decor. Limiting your colors can keep your wedding from looking like Candy Land, or your bridesmaids from looking like Rainbow Brite.

3Mixing patterns that don’t work well together. 

Chevron may have been the itpattern of previous seasons, but be wary of trends that could make your wedding look too busy, or dated. Mix 1-2 patterns at most, keeping size in mind. Small prints should be balanced by larger ones, lest they look too confusing to the eye. Another option is to consider mixing textures. Pair burlap with cashmere, or satins with lace…adding texture can add visual interest in a more subtle way than just doing patterns.

4Picking colors that don't complement each other. 

The secret to a pretty palette? Consulting the color wheel. If you love colors that are very similar (like blush, white, and cream) consider throwing in a complementary color (like mint green) or simply a bolder version of one hues (like darker pink or red) to keep your wedding from looking monotone or washed out.

5Forgetting to consider the venue.

Many couples choose their wedding colors early on…before they’ve even chosen a wedding location. But churches, country clubs, and older estates often have busy carpets or art to contend with. Working against the colors inherent to your setting could result in a visual culture-clash, so try to marry (no pun intended!) your color preferences with your venue’s vibe. As in any good partnership, compromise is key.

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