What Your Favorite Food Says About Your Wedding Style

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Don't underestimate the power of your palate! Whether you favor down home fare, exotic cuisine, or seriously fine dining, your food preferences often say a lot about your personality. Here's what your favorite grub says about your wedding style. Photo by: Images By Bethany 
If you like pizza. Your wedding style is laid back. Your tastes aren't fussy, and you'd be happy just going down to City Hall to make it official. You'll likely get married at a venue that includes everything you need, and you won't go overboard with decorations or overwhelm yourself with small details. 
If you like hamburgers. Your wedding style is retro chic. You favor the classics, so when it comes to your wedding, you're vintage meets traditional. You'll most likely get married in an old-fashioned church, but then for your reception you might host guests in a trendy venue decked out with shabby chic decorations. You might even rock a short, flirty dress on your big day! 
If you like filet mignon. Your wedding style is glamorous. You're all about extravagance, so when it comes to your wedding, only the best will do. You'll most likely get married in a beautiful ballroom, complete with stunning florals and gold details. 
If you like lobster. Your wedding style is nautical. You've grown up loving seafood, and you likely have a love of the water, too. Your wedding will be at a yacht club or waterfront destination. You'll utilize striped decorative details, and will likely have something monogramed on the big day. 
If you like tacos. Your wedding style is chic and adventurous. You like to try new things, and you're quite the world traveler. Your wedding will be an eclectic mix of all your favorite things and favorite trips. You'll most likely get married in a big open space complete with travel-inspired decor details and guests coming from all over the world. 
If you like chicken and waffles. Your wedding style is on-trend but oh-so-cozy. You'll most likely get married outside among the trees, then you'll invite guests to a tented outdoor reception. Your decorations will be shabby chic and you'll most likely have a dessert bar to end the night—complete with a red velvet groom's cake, mini pies, and cake pops! 
If you like sushi. Your wedding style is modern. You're a minimalist and you love straight-forward design. You'll get married in a loft space, and your wedding colors will be muted and trendy. You'll most likely rock a simple gown that fits you to a T. 
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