8 Wedding-Related Fights Every Couple Has During the Planning Process

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While you wouldn't know it by looking at all the gorgeous photos on wedding blogs, the road to the actual wedding day is often paved with inevitable stress, tasks, and (yes) even fights. Feeling like you and your fiancé are the only ones at each other's throats? Well, you're not! Here are 8 wedding–related fights that EVERY couple has at some point in the planning process. Trust us.

The "I Don't Care" Fight. 

You really want to talk about table linen options. Your fiancé says he/she "doesn't care" which ones go on your reception tables and tells you to choose whatever you want. Being highly emotional (because, hello, wedding planning!), you take this to mean that he/she doesn't care about the wedding, getting married, your relationship, and, of course, you. Breathe. Just...breathe. 

The Uneven Bridal Party Fight. 

You have three besties, your partner has four. And he has to include your brother on his side. And you have to include his step-sister and his cousin who he is, all of a sudden, very close with. So, does that mean he's going to have to ask your three male cousins to stand up with him (who, truth be told, you haven't seen in over a year)? Luckily, this disagreement is easily solved — stop worrying about even numbers and free yourself from this fight. Mismatched bridal parties are totally on point! 

The Random Guest Fight. 

You say the more the merrier when it comes to your nuptials. Your partner says he/she wants something more intimate. But if he's inviting his best friends' parents, then certainly you get to also, right? And if she wants an intimate wedding, why is she inviting her coworker she only hangs with at work? Chances are, you'll have this fight more than one time as you go through your guest list. Be prepared to compromise to help ease the tension. 

The Trying to Please Everyone Fight. 

Your mom wants a champagne toast, but your partner's parents are paying for the bar and don't drink the stuff. You and your fiancé are, more than likely, left to deal with how to make everyone happy and stave off any chances of family drama. So who ends up fighting your parents' battles? You guys do, of course! So fun...when these kinds of issues arise, remember that you and your partner are on the same team. Don't let these differences cause you to drift apart.

 The Budget Fight.

 Your partner wants a sit-down steak dinner with all the fixings. You want heaps of garden roses. Both of these things, clearly, cost some major moolah. Trying to see eye-to-eye on how you should spend your wedding fund requires a hefty load of give and take — and you might have more than a couple spats on the way to a compromise. But when all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is that you end up married, right? 

The Seating Chart Fight. 

You're annoyed that he wants to put your best friend at a faraway-from-you table. She's annoyed that you think she should break her (huge!) family up into three separate tables so they can mingle with other guests. The seating chart is a puzzle that might take weeks (and many spirited conversations) to solve. At the end of the day, though, people only sit down and eat for about two hours MAX so if they're not loving their table, all is not lost. There will be plenty of speeches and dancing to keep them from having to make polite conversation for too long. So put people where you have room, trying your best to keep everyone happy and comfortable, but don't destroy your relationship over it! 

The "We're Ready for This to Be Over" Fight.

 It's two weeks before the big day and while you're sitting at home angrily stuffing the welcome bags, your fiancé is grabbing happy hour with their colleagues. When they come home, you're ready to pounce: They clearly don't understand how much pressure you're under to make sure everything is perfect before the big day. And you clearly don't understand that you just need to chill... and maybe grab a cocktail yourself. Hug it out. It will all be over soon! 
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