7 Ways to NOT Mess up Your Wedding Photos

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1. Take engagement photos. 

Nervous about being in front of the camera? Do an engagement shoot with the photographers you're considering hiring for your wedding day. It will help work out any kinks (kissing on command is harder than it sounds) and it's a chance to get to know the people you're putting in charge of capturing your special day. If you're comfortable with the people behind the camera, you'll be so much more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus if you like the pics, you'll have some shots to use for your save-the-date! It's a win-win, really.

 2. Look to your past. 

While this may sound a little odd, look through old photos of you and your partner and pick out the ones where you think you look the best. See what you like, what poses look awkward, and what faces you really should avoid on your wedding day. Your engagement shoot will help with the details (like smiling), but this little exercise will do wonders when it comes time to strike a pose. Practice makes perfect! 

3. Schedule a trial or two.

 You want to look like yourself on your wedding day...only better. Remember that trials are your best friend. They're a way for you to figure out what really looks good on you without having to fully commit. Be willing to stray from your original vision—just because you love how Blake Lively can rock a bold red lip and how great Zoe Saldana looks with a short, wavy 'do doesn't mean that's the right look for you. Have your hair stylist try something simple with your hair down (beachy waves, anyone?) as well as an up-do so you can get a complete sense of their style and ability. Make sure to wear a white shirt to your makeup trail so you can see how the makeup will look with your dress and take a picture of yourself in natural light to get a sense of how you'll look on the big day. 

4. Don't try anything crazy. 

Ok, we get it; you want to look your best as you walk down the aisle. But before you experiment with something new, remember that you have to live with the consequences. Do you really want your highlights experiment immortalized forever? Maybe now isn't the best time to take a big risk! 

5. Consider your best side. 

On the actual day of the wedding, be considerate of the small things that make for great photos. Do you feel like you take your best photos from the right side? Make sure you stand to the right of grandpa and anyone hoping to snag a picture with you. Think about your hair style and your dress, too. If the back of your dress is backless or has an intricate lace design, show it off! Does one side of your half-up hairstyle boast flowers or a braid? Make sure to pose so that your photographer can capture it. 

6. Pay attention to the little things.

 Are your tags tucked? Your tan lines covered? Does your love have a poppy seed stuck in his front teeth? These little details will have a big impact on how your photos come out. Ask your maid of honor to keep an eye on you and give her free reign to tell you to stand up straight and tuck your bra back into your dress if it peeks out during your ceremony. 

7. Drink water. LOTS of water. 

Chapped lips and puffy eyes aren't sexy. There's no way around it. So make that you're well hydrated, well fed, and well rested going into your wedding day! If all else fails, talk to your makeup artist about some quick fixes, like a creamy lipstick that will keeps your lips kissable all day long.
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