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Is Wedding Insurance Worth It?

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Whether you’re planning a budget-friendly wedding or a luxe affair, you’re spending hard-earned money on your big day — and you don’t want that money to go to waste. That’s what wedding insurance is all about. But purchasing a wedding insurance plan can seem like an unnecessary expense (especially when it’s on top of all your other wedding costs). 
While some wedding venues or other vendors require an insurance plan, others don’t, leaving you with a big decision to make! 
Here, we’ve helped you weigh your options. 

Why wedding day insurance might be worth it: 

Just like a car or a house, a wedding can be a pretty big investment, so it’s worth protecting. You just never know what could happen, and wedding insurance protects you (and your dollars) from the unexpected.
Various plans cover different parts of the wedding, and you can sometimes pick and choose what you want to cover. Generally speaking though, wedding insurance ONLY covers things that are out of your control. So if you accidentally ruin your dress or sign a contract for the wrong date (it happens!) or if someone gets cold feet, the insurance won’t help. 
Here’s what wedding insurance could protect you from: 
- A vendor filing for bankruptcy, going out of business, or not showing up on the wedding day 
- Damage to your venue, like from a fire, flood, or hurricane - Weather conditions that prevent essential people (the newlyweds-to-be, the family and wedding party, and vendors) from traveling to the location 
-Theft or accidental damage to your wedding attire, gifts or other valuables 
- Canceling or postponing the wedding due to personal reason, such as an illness, injury or a death in the family 
- A contract violation, like if the band doesn’t show up on time or the caterer serves the wrong dish 
- A military obligation, such as the bride or groom or an important family member being shipped overseas at the last minute.
 Typically, wedding insurance costs a few hundred dollars, but it’ll cover several thousand dollars worth of damage or cancellation costs.   

Why wedding day insurance might not be worth it: 

Between your wedding day attire, your venue, the food, and everything else, any extra expense could be a burden. And if nothing goes wrong (knock on wood!), that’s basically several hundred dollars down the drain. But there are some things wedding insurance doesn’t cover. If someone gets cold feet, your insurance won’t help cover the wedding costs. 
And you’ll need to buy separate ring insurance
Skipping wedding insurance can be safe if you’re insanely confident in your vendors — if they’ve been in business for several years and have raving reviews online, you likely won’t have to worry about them quitting at the last minute. Plus, individual vendors often have their own insurance, so you wouldn’t need to pay for additional (unnecessary coverage).
 Ultimately, the decision to purchase wedding insurance depends on your budget. If you have a little wiggle room, we’d definitely recommend the extra investment. Even if you’re on a tight budget, wedding insurance is something that pays off in the end.
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