The Wedding DIY Glossary Every Crafty Couple Needs to Read

Get ready to plan like a pro.
Whether you’re a veteran crafter who plans to have handmade details in every corner of your wedding or a newbie DIY-er who’s tackling a big project for the first time, this reference guide is a must-read! We’ve compiled some need-to-know DIY terms that you’re bound to stumble upon while searching for inspiring handmade projects. 
Adhesives Anything from basic clear tape to hot glue to superglue. Keep in mind that different crafts and materials call for different types of adhesives—you can’t use Elmer’s School Glue for everything! 
Appliqués Any decorative element that can be attached to fabric (most commonly). You might add crystal appliqués to your DIY headpiece or garter, for example.
 Brads You might recall brads from elementary school crafts, but here’s a reminder. These little metal pieces punch through paper and allow the paper to spin. They’re a total must for paper pinwheels! 
Chalkboard Paint This specialty paint turns almost any surface into a re-useable chalkboard. Just follow the instructions on the can, and soon enough you’ll be drawing away. 
Chalkboard Pen Have you ever wondered how some couples get their wedding chalkboards to look so perfect? Hint: They don’t use classroom chalk. Chalkboard pens (or paints) give your chalk designs a clean, polished look.
Diecut A die-cutter is pretty much a shaped hole puncher. It's a machine or special tool that can be used to cut something as simple as a hangtag or as complicated as a pattern on the front of an invitation.
Deckle Edge A rough or torn edge on paper. This decorative almost feathery edge gives your stationery some vintage flare. 
Dowels Thin, round wooden sticks that come in a variety of lengths and widths. They're often used for place cards, table numbers, or small signs. 
Decoupage More commonly called "Mod Podge” after the most popular brand, this adhesive works on almost any surface and dries clear. Crafters can barely go a day without it! Decoupages often come in different finishes and consistencies, so read the bottle carefully. 
Embossing Pressing, stamping, or molding that depresses one part of a material to make the shape stand out. You’ve probably seen embossed invitations and other paper goods.
Fabric Paint Nope, you can’t just put any paint on fabric. If you’re decorating tote bags for your wedding party, some type of fabric paint is necessary if you want the paint to not wash off. There are tons of varieties. 
Filler Silk greenery, glass beads, gems, or stones that are used to fill vases or other containers to add decoration. You can find tons of colors and styles at craft stores. 
Floral Wire DIY-ing your bouquet or centerpieces? You’ll need floral wire, a thin, green (or sometimes brown) wire that keeps your blooms from looking limp. 
Foil Ever seen metallic paper goods at a wedding? There’s no magically metallic printer ink—the shimmer is actually a foil, which is typically pressed into the paper.
Iron-Transfers Iron-on embellishments usually can be applied to fabric (and sometimes other materials) through heat, which is where your iron comes in. You can often find letters, patterns, and other decorations in iron-transfer material. 
Paint Pens While you could break out your inner artist and an actual paint brush, paint pens are often easier to use and add small doses of pigment to a surface. 
Primer Just like if you were painting a room, primer goes onto a material before the paint (or any other color) to make sure the hue is as true as possible. 
Rotary Cutter A round blade used to smoothly cut fabric. These come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you have a mat to cut on—otherwise, you’ll be slicing whatever surface you work on.
 Sealer A spray that covers your project once it’s finished so that none of the goods fall off or move around. 
Twine A relatively rough, neutral-colored string. It’s both functional and stylish — twine can hold your project together while giving it a rustic feel.
 Washi Tape Colorful, patterned tape that we can’t get enough of! No matter your wedding colors or style, you’ll definitely find some tape to suit you.
X-Acto Knife A special crafting knife that can easily slice perfectly straight lines through paper, cardboard, and other materials. Did we miss something you need for your project? Don’t worry — ask for help at your local craft store. The DIY fanatics there can certainly point you in the right direction. 
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