How to Not Freak Out When Your Wedding Day Forecast Says Rain

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You've been obsessively checking the forecast, and now that your big day is on the radar, so is the rain... If you've planned an outdoor ceremony or reception, this can seem like a major setback. But before you let those clouds rain on your parade (literally), we've got seven tips to make you feel like the skies are sunny again.

Take a deep breath. 

No matter how stormy those skies are, remember that rain is not a reflection of your luck or love. Your wedding will still be a happy, beautiful occasion – and not even bad weather can get in the way of that.

Make a decision early. 

Now that you’ve calmed down, take matters into your own hands. Talk to the venue about indoor options, or whether or not they have a tent (and possibly floors) that can accommodate your crew. Then, make a decision. You’ll feel much better understanding your options and making a plan.

Stock up on umbrellas.

If you decide to move forward with an outdoor ceremony despite the drizzle, make sure that umbrellas are provided for guests. Did you decide to move it indoors? Umbrellas are still a good idea. Guests may need some coverage getting from the car to the venue, so make sure you have at least ten in heavy rotation.

Embrace ponchos. 

A colorful poncho can be an adorable addition to your wedding photos. Imagine your bridesmaids laughing together in sweet yellow slickers! Your images will be whimsical, unique, and show that nothing can stop you and your BFFs from having the best time.

Designate a helping hand. 

Task your ushers or a couple of friends with helping guests in and out of cars, and passing out umbrellas, towels, or ponchos. You’ll feel better knowing your guests are being taken care of.

Ask for help from your venue. 

They’re the pros, let them do what they do best. A chill often accompanies a quick storm, and your venue may have robes, space heaters, or towels on hand to warm up chilly guests. Ask how they normally handle rainy days, and see if their options will work for you.

Embrace it! 

Whether you’ve run out and scored a cute new pair of wellies, or found matching umbrellas for you and your partner – let the weather work to your advantage. Pairing these props with beautifully back-lit photography can make for some absolutely stunning images of your wedding day. 
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