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33 Things to Definitely Include in Your Bridal Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

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It’s finally your big day. You’ve spent months (or maybe years) wedding planning and making sure that all of the items on your wedding day checklist—from the flowers to the color of the napkins—are perfect. But all of the sudden, disaster strikes! Whether it’s that the maid of honor’s dress suddenly doesn’t fit right or the bride’s big up-do is unraveling fast, every wedding needs a wedding day emergency kit to allow the bridal party to handle the unexpected with ease.  Typically, the maid of honor keeps the wedding emergency kit close at hand with emergency supplies that could come in handy throughout the day. Much like the Boy Scouts, our wedding mantra is “Always Be Prepared.” The best bridal emergency kits have bobby pins and fashion tape and everything else to handle any wedding day drama one mini-emergency at a time.  We can’t guarantee that these items will fix every sort of problem, but it should be enough to at least tackle the little things and help your wedding go off without a hitch. So throw these 33 necessary but often forgotten items in a tote bag or tackle box and have them on hand all wedding day long.
  • Baby Powder:  Baby powder will help to absorb that extra moisture from a hot day or a crowded room. It can also be used to keep beaded bodices from chafing the bride’s chest and underarms.
  • Blotting Papers: These are a necessity in any wedding day emergency kit to help absorb shine and oil throughout the day.
  • Bobby Pins: Once your hairstylist has left the building, you'll be thankful to have these truly essential items on hand. Hair ties, a brush or comb, and hairspray are also good additions.
  • Breath Mints:Bad breath is something that all of the wedding planning in the world can’t prevent. Keeping mints or a mini mouthwash will keep it at bay so you can keep smiling and chatting all night long. 
  • Cash: This may not seem necessary, but we don’t think a wedding day emergency kit is complete without it. When the bride needs a vending machine candy bar or you realize you forgot the DJ's tip, cash will definitely come in handy.
  • Dental Floss: While it may not feel like a wedding day emergency at the time, having food stuck in your teeth can really ruin photos. Be sure to check your smile (and everyone else’s!) each time you eat.
  • Deodorant: It’s called a big day for a reason. You may start the day smelling fab, but reapplication will probably be necessary (especially during a night of dancing).
  • Extra Earring Backs: Wedding day bling is something that can not be ignored or forgotten. It's not uncommon for these to go missing, so stash a couple in your kit to make sure that the next thing that disappears isn’t the earring itself.
  • Eye Drops: A must-have if the wedding is outside since pollen and budding flowers can irritate eyes and ruin makeup. If the bride or groom wears contacts, it is important to have an extra pair and solution on hand also.
  • Fabric Tape: If you’ve never heard of fabric tape (or fashion tape), just know that you’re absolutely going to want some in your wedding day emergency kit. If a hem starts to fall or a bodice starts to slip, fabric tape can keep it in place when safety pins can’t.
  • Snack Bars: Nobody wants a hangry bride or bridesmaid! A quick and easy snack that will not easily spill or stain anyone's dress is essential. Food is definitely one of those items that you might not think about but is essential in any emergency kit for brides. 
  • Lighter: If any fabric starts to fray, you can burn the end to stop it from unraveling—just be careful not to burn too much. A lighter can also come in handy if any candles or sparklers need to be relit.
  • Lip Balm: Lips can become dry, which will cause lipstick to appear uneven and talking (or smooching) to become uncomfortable. A couple of tubes of Chapstick will save the day!
  • Lotion: Lotion isn’t just for rehydrating dry patches of skin; it can also tame flyaway hairs just in case hairspray isn’t cutting it. 
  • Medicine: Your pain reliever of choice is a must-have in your emergency bridal kit. Additionally, medicines for indigestion, allergies, and headaches should also be included. It's better to be safe than sorry!
  • Mini Sewing Kit: Scissors, needle and thread, extra buttons, and safety pins come in handy for all types of situations. Be sure that your sewing kit has thread in black, white, and whatever color matches the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Mirror:A small mirror can help you fix makeup or stray hairs when you can't get to the bathroom to do so. Makeup compact mirrors are sometimes dingy with stray powder, so having a designated mirror can help. 
  • Nail Polish: Stocking the kit with whatever shades the bride and bridesmaids are wearing is great, but the most important one to have is the clear topcoat. A nail file is also important, just in case you nail polish chips or a nail gets caught on something.
  • Perfume: Along with deodorant, extra perfume will help bridesmaids and the bride freshen up throughout the day. To avoid carrying around five or more different full-sized perfume bottles, get travel-sized spray containers to place perfume in beforehand.
  • Phone Chargers: Taking photos, posting on social media, and surfing the web while you get your hair and makeup done can drain your battery up faster than you'd expect. This might also be the perfect time to invest in some portable power banks, in case you aren’t close to an outlet when your phone hits 15%. 
  • Q-Tips and Makeup Remover: Use these to correct mistakes as well as clean up your face throughout the day. They’ll be more accurate than a piece of toilet paper you grab from the nearest stall, that’s for sure!
  • Razor: It may seem ridiculous, but someone in the bridal party may have missed a spot while preparing for the big day. You can also use a razor in a pinch to clean up pilling on clothing.
  • Stain Remover Pen: Another must-have in any emergency kit. Stock up on a couple, just in case something gets spilled on any important article of clothing—especially the bride’s dress.
  • Straws: Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and straws let everyone’s lipstick stay intact.
  • Sunscreen: Even if the wedding is inside, the wedding party may be outside for photos. Depending on your climate, bug spray may also be necessary. Make sure both products are unscented.
  • Super Glue: A truly magical product, this can fix shoes, jewelry, headpieces, and everything in between. 
  • Tampons and Pads: Even if you don't think you'll need them, someone else might. No one wants to stress out about making a pharmacy run mid-reception to avoid any leaking, so have a good supply just in case. 
  • Tissues: A pretty obvious inclusion, tissues are one of those multi-use items that are good for anything from all the happy tears to any accidental eye pokes with the mascara wand or an eyeliner pencil.
  • Tweezers:Much like the razor, you never know when you'll need to get rid of a stray hair or two. Tweezers also fit into small places such as buttonholes if you need to fix one.
  • Water Bottles: There should be water available in the prep room and at the reception. But if someone needs a drink on the way to the ceremony or right before pictures, there may not be a bottle on hand other than in your kit.
  • White Chalk: If something does get on the wedding dress and won’t come out, you can usually cover the stain with chalk in a pinch.
While this list may seem a little excessive, remember that it’s always better to be overprepared rather than under. Plus, these items may not help you, but if they help someone else, it’s all worth it. 
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