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A father-daughter dance isn't the only way to say "I love you" to pops at your wedding. In honor of fast-approaching Father's Day, we've dreamt up a few creative and unforgettable ideas for how to make your dad feel special on your big day.

1. Invite him to officiate. 

You may end up ugly crying at the altar, but the experience of having your father pronounce you married will be unparalleled. It’s easy to get ordained online, and from there all you have to do is talk through how you see the ceremony unfolding.

2. Highlight his special talent. 

Is your father a musician, artist, or performer? Invite him to show off his talent at your wedding by performing a song, hanging a painting, or reading something he’s written just for you. Heck, if he’s a great cook, ask him to help design the wedding menu!

3. Wear an item of his as your “something old.” 

Adding a vintage watch to your bridal ensemble is oh-so-chic, and will surely bring a tear to your father’s eye. You could also stitch a piece of one of his old shirts into your wedding gown, wrap one of his ties around your bouquet, or wear one of his rings on a chain around your neck.

4. Ask him to do a reading. 

Have a favorite story you read together when you were a child? Ask him to read your favorite passage during your ceremony. It’s a touching and special way to thank your dad for always being there for you.

5. Have a father-daughter “first look.”

The moment your father sees you all dolled up on your wedding day will be an emotional one, so why not make it extra special by organizing a one-on-one “first look” where your photographer can capture the magic between you and your dad? You’ll treasure those photos forever.

6. Make something special for him to wear. 

Are you a DIY maven? Consider making a special boutonniere for your dad to wear on the big day. Incorporate details that represent him and your father-daughter relationship for an unforgettable gift.

7. Write him a poem and read it during your reception. 

If you’re good with words, craft a poem or letter to your dad that you can read at your reception. Think back on all the lessons you’ve learned from him and the special moments you’ve shared — then try not to tear up too much while you’re reading out loud!

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