The Right Way to Travel With Your Wedding Gown

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If you're having a destination wedding, there are a lot of little details you'll have to consider: how to make your union legal before hopping on the plane, booking all your vendors from afar (or paying to bring them with you), and how to get everything to the final location...especially your dress. Here are 6 tips for how to make sure your gown arrives in style. Modern Braga, Portugal Wedding Captured by Piteira Photography Photo by: Piteira Photography on Bridal Musings via  

1Keep it simple.

If at all possible, choose a simple dress. Consider if both the shape and the material will travel well. A-line dresses, with either a short train or no train at all, will travel more easily than more elaborate ruffle-style gowns. Materials like chiffon, non-silk taffeta, and charmeuse are more forgiving fabrics than heavy tulle or crinoline.

2Don’t ship! 

While shipping your dress to its final destination may sounds more appealing than lugging it onto a plane, it does come with quite a few risks: the hotel may not accept responsibility for receiving the dress; it could get lost in the mail; it may get delayed in customs; it may arrive late (or not at all!)…

3Carry it onto the plane with you. 

Whatever you do, do NOT lose sight of your dress once you get it to the airport. Checking your bag is probably the easiest option (overhead space tends to be a hot commodity these days!), but we’ve all heard the horror stories of bags getting lost or left behind. Save yourself the headache of having to track down you gown and deal with the momentary hassle of making room on the plane.

4Invest in a garment bag. 

You should definitely invest in a sturdy garment bag. Buy one that’s sturdier than the one your gown came with, and be sure to pack it with plenty of tissue paper. Whether the garment ends up laid delicately in an overhead compartment or (hopefully) hung in first class, you’ll want it to be thoroughly protected for the duration of the flight.

5Steam lightly! 

Most hotels have steamers on-hand (call ahead to confirm!) but if not, inexpensive steamers are available at most department stores. Plan to steam your gown LIGHTLY immediately. The longer the gown stays packed up, the more time it will need to get back in top shape.

6Give it time! 

Even with forgiving shapes and fabrics, most dresses will need at least 24 hours to “fall” and come back to their original shape. Unpack the dress immediately upon arrival, steam, and then wait. It’s important to let your dress breathe as soon as you get to your room (unzip the garment bag and let it hang freely). Plan this buffer time into your travel plans, and your dress will be looking as good as it did in the showroom when you’re walking down the aisle. How to Decode the Dress Code for Every Wedding Totally Gorgeous Ensembles for Your Wedding Party That Aren’t Dresses! Skip the Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses and Try One of These Unique Looks!
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