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Get Ahead of the Game: The Hottest Wedding Stationery Predictions You Can't Miss in 2023

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The day you’ve been dreaming of is fast approaching, but before it does, you’ll need to invite those nearest and dearest to share your special day with you. Fortunately, selecting and designing your wedding stationery will be a fun and exciting first step to get you and your future guests excited for the joyous events to come. In preparation for this year’s spring and summer weddings, Minted launched their newest 2023 wedding invitation collection that effortlessly showcases love and romance in the details of their aesthetic cards. Whether you’re planning on sending out save the date cards or ready to start customizing your wedding invitation suite, Minted’s stationery will surely leave your guests in awe.
To help you narrow down your options and execute your vision through your wedding stationery, Minted’s expert breaks down the top wedding stationery predictions for 2023.

2023 Wedding Forecast

When committing your life to another through marriage, you intertwine almost every facet of your lives from culture and religion to family traditions and personal practices. Thankfully, long gone are the days when blended families were a rarity. In fact, when it comes to Gen Z, it's projected that one in five people will marry someone of a different ethnic background. What does this mean for the wedding landscape in 2023 and possibly beyond? Well, as couples plan to incorporate each other’s traditions into their wedding while simultaneously striving to maintain their contemporary values and beliefs, you can expect to see extraordinarily unique and highly personalized weddings.
For future brides and grooms, achieving a middle ground in the wedding planning process means being intentional with their choices in order to best represent themselves in a meaningful and impactful way. Couples may choose to stick to traditional venues or even forgo traditional altogether and instead prioritize the creation of new experiences that are unique to themselves. However they choose to achieve this, couples will be incorporating meaningful touches to every aspect of their wedding process and that all begins with their wedding stationery.

Farm to Aisle

Farms are useful for a lot of things, but serving as the inspiration behind your wedding theme is probably not something you would have considered before planning your big day. However, rustic weddings are on the rise as more and more couples adopt bohemian aesthetics, embrace nature, fall back in love with the charm of the countryside, and become mesmerized by the beauty of imperfection and antiquity. With so much to love about the rustic farm aesthetic, couples are designing every aspect of their wedding around it – starting with stationery.
To cater to the ever-growing demand, Minted has incorporated elegant and organic farm inspired designs to their wedding invitation collection. These cards are designed with soft, muted colors, organic patterns from florals to foliage, fonts mimicking handwritten poetry, and an overall fresh and clean look.

Romance at Dusk

The manifestation of romance doesn’t look the same for all couples. For some, the theme of romance encompasses soft pastels and florals. However for others, it encompasses dark natural tones that transport you to firefly lit forest at dusk or a period piece drama. As couples fall in love with that intimacy of simple elegance, more couples are looking to recreate the same look and feel in their own weddings.
Minted’s newest romance at dusk inspired wedding stationery utilizes a dark and moody color palette with whimsical detailing that evokes a sense of regency while leaving your guests in awe of the subtle mysticism. Much like the effects that create the perfect lighting for a moody photo, the cards in this collection incorporate high contrasting, regal colors such as black with earthy greens, white text against royal blue, and sage foliage paired with pale tones.

Future Nostalgia

If you’re a risk taker looking for a trendy style that not everyone will be brave enough to bring to life, then we’ve got 6 words for you – desert disco meets 70s space age. This otherworldly style incorporates elements of a desert disco with unearthly designs reminiscent of a 70s themed space era.
Minted Future Nostalgia inspired wedding invitation collection brings nostalgic styles from the past and spacey themes from the future into the modern day. These invitations incorporate a variety of sand tones, beiges, gold, clay, and ochre as well as cooler tones such as blues and grays to balance them out. If you’re still feeling brave enough to step out of the box with this wedding stationery, your guests will surely feel as though they’re being transported to a party in the desert dunes.

Full Bloom

Florals for spring might not exactly be groundbreaking, but when it comes to weddings, there are few things that remain this popular year after year. For couples taking a bold approach in their wedding theme designs, the full bloom style may be the perfect stationery option to fill your guests with equally exuberant energy.
In this year’s collection, Minted strived to give future brides and grooms wedding invitation cards that showcase florals in full bloom. Their maximal use of flowers and foliage mixed with bright colors are bound to leave guests with the images of a tropical getaway in mind or a fun and joyous wedding filled with plenty of dancing. While florals are certainly the center point of this trend, the vibrant and extravagant color palettes used to bring this aesthetic to life are winning over more couples than ever before.

Customization Trends You Won’t Want to Skip

Creating your dream wedding invitations encompasses far more than selecting your favorite designs and trends. It requires you and your partner to tap into your internal reservoirs of creativity in order to create cards that best represent your styles and showcases meaningful elements from your individual ethnic backgrounds. This may sound intimidating for those who wouldn’t deem themselves a “creative,” however in small steps, your stylistic choices can exceed your own expectations.

Photo Cards

Traditionally, wedding invitations have been primarily text based, showing off beautiful fonts and designs that fit any aesthetic a couple could want, whereas save the date cards are typically a great way to use engagement photos. However, don’t feel constrained by these norms. More couples are choosing to send non-photo save the date cards and photo invitations.
Photo invitations are a great starting point that will allow you to add your own personal flair to your wedding stationery. Utilizing a beloved photo of you and your future spouse is the quickest and easiest way to elevate your invitation card without having to focus on hashing out the finer details on a non-photo card. Your photo of choice can tie into your chosen wedding theme or simply be one of your favorite couples’ photos that you’d love to share. 

Letterpress Printing

When it comes to formatting, letterpress printing is getting a lot of love this year. If you’re unfamiliar with this style, letterpress printing is a technique that creates tactile impressions where you can feel that the text or images are on a raised surface. At Minted , these cards are created on vintage Heidelberg presses using thick, soft paper. This formatting would work well with any style of your choosing, but would especially work well with themes that utilize florals, as it would add a texture to the design.


While it may be debatable, your choice of font leaves an impression with your guests by reinforcing your wedding theme and setting the tone for what your guests can expect. For 2023, couples have been loving whimsical fonts and hand-written styles. Whimsical fonts mesh well with a variety of styles, but wouldn’t be the best fit for bold styles such as the Full Bloom theme, as it can easily get lost and overpowered by the vibrant designs.
Hand-written styled fonts are a charming and sentimental addition customization to consider using on your wedding invitations. Although it won’t be your actual handwriting, this font style gives a personal, cozy, and welcoming feel. This font would pair especially well with the rustic Farm to Aisle style which embodies a homier and more intimate look and feel.  

Final Touches  

After carefully selecting the wedding stationery that perfectly embodies your wedding’s motif, you’ll need to add those final touches of personality to tie it all together. This year, wax seals, vellum wraps, and ribbons are a huge favorite among soon-to-be brides and grooms.
If you’ve never seen how wax seals are created and applied then you’ve been missing out on a visually satisfying experience. Wax seals are extremely popular in the crafting and stationery communities because of how beautiful they are when used to seal envelopes or seal flowers to paper. A trend that once lasted from the 18th to 19th century has made its comeback and now adorns wedding invitations in 2023. Unlike the traditional practice of pouring the wax directly onto the envelopes, Minted has modernized their wax seals to be more efficient and far less messy. With adhesive backings for an easy application, you can add their gorgeously hand pressed wax seals as the finishing touch to your envelopes or invitations with the guarantee that they will enhance any style or aesthetic.
Vellum wraps are equally beautiful finishing touches that frequently go hand in hand with ribbons and wax seals. Vellum wraps are translucent tri-fold papers that wrap around your invitation suite. Think of these wraps as jackets over your wedding stationery that can be sealed with wax seals or wrapped with a ribbon for that added touch of elegance.

Time to Elevate Your Wedding with This Year’s Trends

There is certainly a trend for everyone in 2023 with stationery designs catering to those looking to honor tradition while creating a cozy, familial atmosphere on the farm, to those looking to give their loved ones a memorable, out of world experience. What makes this year’s trends all the more perfect for couples looking to elevate their weddings is being able to draw from the past, present, and future and appreciate the many ways in which they blend together as beautifully as they do. From the starting designs to the final touches and miniscule details, there is plenty of room for soon-to-be brides and grooms to showcase their personalities by creating a wedding invitation suite that embodies what they value most. 
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