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In 2023, weddings are only going to be bigger and better! Post-pandemic we saw weddings shrink in size. Meanwhile, a renewed focus on small details allowed couples to pull off a luxe look despite the physical size or number of guests at an event. Even now, as weddings resume with a sense of normalcy, many of the changes brought on by the pandemic have stuck. Some might stay around for the long haul, such as the appreciation for more intimate gatherings or the number of brides investing in heirloom wedding accessories. To help you plan, these are the 2023 wedding trends that you can expect to see in the year to come. Plus, tips on how to incorporate them into your day, from bridal fashion to wedding decoration ideas and beyond.

Statement Bridal Fashion

Bridal Fashion Week hosted in October showed big potential for 2023. Designers like Elie Saab and Sareh Nouri showed off breathtaking gowns with intricate embellishments, voluminous skirts, and sleek silhouettes. Whether you prefer a more modern or classic design, there is something for you.

Custom Embroidered Accessories

Fast-fashion has made its way into the bridal world, but a large number of brides continue to seek out quality pieces. Particularly in regards to accessories, as they are easier to store and maintain than a dress. Designers have met this need with darling heirloom accessories, custom embroidered and embellished to accommodate a bride’s unique style. Dramatic cathedral veils with embroidery at the hemline will turn heads. While some bride’s prefer a quote, hidden between the folds of a sumptuous elbow length veil. Other pieces are simple but oh so chic, such as hair ribbons emblazoned with the couples initials in tiny luminous pearls.

Tea Length & Mini Wedding Dresses

Floor-length wedding dresses are and will continue to be tradition. But short wedding dresses are a spunky alternative that are breathing new life into designers. These styles have become especially popular among non-traditional brides who prefer an on-trend look for their city hall or backyard nuptials. Thankfully, a range of styles exist to cater to such settings and aesthetics. Such as flirty mini dresses starring classic necklines and frothy pleated skirts. A chic look for a romantic garden ceremony and tented reception. As well as sophisticated tea-length gowns, featuring dramatic sleeves and sexy fitted skirts. Ideal for flitting from a chic downtown ceremony to a swanky rooftop cocktail hour.

3D Florals, Bows + Ruffles

Lace is taking a back seat in 2023. Instead, ruffles and 3D floral appliques will offer an equally romantic but modern twist. Both can be utilized to add a subtle flair or make a statement. Brides have the option between gowns dotted with delicate petals or covered in bold blooms. As well as designs featuring a soft ruffled hemline or a billowing tiered skirt. Meanwhile bows, big and small, are also having a moment. The runway for Bridal Fashion Week 2023 was graced with bows of every color and size, placed on shoulder straps, the lower back, and the bodice. Viktor & Rolf covered one mini dress from head to toe with single-string bows. There are also detachable styles, for brides who would prefer to don a bow for only a portion of their day.

Bright & Bold Color Schemes

Color schemes are often one of the first things couples research when planning a wedding. And this year, trends are pointing to a mix of bright and bold palettes. Which way a couple leans will likely depend on their preference between minimalist and maximalist design. But one thing for certain, modern couples aren’t afraid of color!

Bright + Punchy Hues

Maybe it’s the Barbiecore trend or maybe people are feeling extra celebratory. Regardless, watch out for wedding palettes featuring super-saturated colors like crimson, magenta, coral,  and teal. An eclectic mix of colors will lend a festive feeling, especially in contrast to bright white linens or servingware. This type of color scheme is expected to be especially popular in spring and summer, when there is an uptick in airy outdoor garden weddings. In which scenario, bright hues provide some relief from natural greenery. It can also be used to liven up a blank canvas of an event space. Or to compliment the menagerie of artwork in a gallery turned reception hall.

Earth Inspired Neutrals

You simply can’t go wrong with a warm neutral color scheme. A minimalist's dream, this type of palette consists of soft neutrals and earth-inspired hues. The larger part of the palette should consist of white, beige or sand, for a bright modern base. Bold colors are then added to lend warmth and dimension. Popular examples include rust or terracotta, mustard, and olive green. Warm shades of gray are also beautiful, especially with green and brown undertones. If you desire a more moody palette that is still cozy, sprinkle in deep shades of browns verging on black. To avoid an overly dark palette, utilize bright warm-toned florals like peach or canary yellow.

Modern Moody Combos

Don’t be intimidated by a dark color palette. More couples are opting for moody color schemes that will lend an intimate vibe to their big day. They are especially popular in urban or industrial event spaces, as well as historic venues. Our first tip is to remember that dark doesn’t limit your options to black or brown, although they can be used to add depth to a palette. Rich tones paired with stark white or soft beige can be used to create a moody yet modern look that wows. Start with classic jewel tones, like emerald, peacock or ruby. Then add in pale shades such as mauve, dusty blue or blush. You can also utilize mixed metals, whether via serving ware or decor, for an extra chic touch.

Retro-Inspired Details + Decor

The retro wedding fad picked up in late 2022 and, as far as we can tell, it’s going to stick around through the new year. Modern retro weddings perfectly balance the old and new, for a celebration that is totally hip and chic. From wild color palettes to groovy signage, what’s not to love about the retro revival?

Vintage-Inspired Cakes

These cutesy and sometimes over-the-top cakes are back in style. But with a twist! Rather than featuring subtle colors, these cakes are bright and bold to match modern color schemes - popping up in our feeds in brilliant blue and pink hues. Thankfully, you don’t have to host a vintage-themed event to present one of these gorgeous cakes. They are a unique detail that is sure to thrill guests, especially if you choose to recreate your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding cake. If you’re going for a more modern look or are hosting a smaller celebration, opt for a single-layer cake in a heart shape.

Thrifted Decor

Contrary to assumptions, thrifting wedding decorations isn’t all about saving money. It is actually a popular way to source decorations among sustainable brides. As well as those who want to host a more intentional celebration. Being deliberate when gathering your decorations is a great way to ensure you are true to the purpose of your big day, as well as your personal style and interests. It is also a great way to portray a message of appreciation to your guests. Make a statement by gifting each guest a quirky keepsake mug gathered over the year leading up to your wedding. Or, if you’re an avid reader, consider hand selecting books that would pique their interest - displayed in an old bookcase it will look simple but well thought out.

Heirloom Serving Ware

A retro-inspired place setting does not equate to a dated table. In fact, done correctly it can induce a charming sense of nostalgia! Using heirloom serving ware is a simple way to add a retro touch to your reception - as much or as little as you desire. Vintage china pairs well with rattan or wicker placemats. And you can easily tie in the unique colors featured in dinner plates with bold napkins. Another popular choice is vintage stemware, as it is often more subtle. Feature pieces from the same set or mix and match for a whimsical vibe that looks like you picked through your grandma’s curio cabinets.

Florals to the Max

You can never have too many florals - an opinion that will ring true in 2023. Fresh flowers remain a staple in wedding design, for ceremonies and receptions. From floral backdrops to centerpieces, they are one of the most versatile decor options on the market. As well as the the most customizable.

Cake Meadows

This trend has splashed up on our feed a handful of times recently, but we expect it will stick around through the new year. As floral decor continues to get bigger and brighter, cake meadows are a romantic way to feature florals at your dessert table. They are especially fitting for the spring, whether you prefer the elegance of single stem roses or the whimsy of hand picked wildflowers. If you aren’t a fan of flowers around your food, a bed can also be created on the floor at the feet of the table - it will provide the same look, and may free up which types of flowers you can feature.

Orchids, Roses, & Baby’s Breath Oh My

What do all of these flowers have in common? They ooze romance! As well as make it easy to achieve a luxurious look. Bohemian-inspired florals had their time to shine in recent years, but in 2023 florals are shifting back to the timeless classics. Each of these blooms are relatively simple but scream sophistication, and look gorgeous be it solo or as a trio. While a baby's breath is used to create a romantic cloud-like look, roses and orchids can be used to break up the soft billowy texture or add a splash or color. Orchids and roses both come in a range of stunning colors, the most popular of which include hues of red and peach. But don’t forget that baby’s breath is easily dyed, making it a beautiful choice if you’re into pastels.

Luxe Overhead Installations

Overhead florals, for your ceremony or reception, can cost a pretty penny. But if your goal is a breathtaking and fully immersive design, then it's well worth the price tag. Greenery and fresh flowers paired with romantic drapery are a stylish way to dress up a space, indoor or outdoor. As are huge bundles of baby’s breath, used to create a ceiling of floral clouds. Even more so if your venue features high ceilings, which can sometimes make a space feel empty despite furniture. Our favorite aspect of overhead florals is that it frees up reception tables, allowing guests to easily converse. People tend to feel the need to talk around tall centerpieces, whereas overhead decor will provide the same luxurious look without the hassle.

Intimate Celebrations

If any trend stuck around following the pandemic, it is intimate weddings. Now more than ever, people appreciate events that feel more relaxed and personal. Smaller events also allow couples more one-on-one time with each of their guests. A goal that can feel impossible with a large guest count. For those on a budget, a smaller celebration can even help stretch funds and make previously out of reach desires a possibility.

Weekend Weddings

There are countless ways to pull off a weekend wedding, and for many couples it is the best option if torn between eloping and a traditional celebration. Weekend weddings first and foremost allow people to breathe. Since the festivities aren’t all crammed into one day, couples and guests alike will feel less pressed to hurry up and chat so they can relax - since when has mingling with loved ones been a chore? More importantly, stretching things out allows more time for couples to simply soak it all in. When you aren’t being pulled in a million different directions and trying to keep to a schedule, you can actually enjoy each interaction and activity. And weekend weddings can look very different depending on peoples budgets and interests. Some people will prefer a hands-off celebration at an all-inclusive resort. While others may prefer a cozy lakeside gathering at an off-season summer camp.

Charcuterie Centerpieces

Charcuterie isn’t just a fad for at-home hosting. It has its place at weddings, often as a grazing table, but our favorite option is tableside service. As with any appetizers, charcuterie is a fantastic way to tide guests over until dinner. A grazing table is always fun, granted it may be a bit taboo following covid. Instead, consider featuring the spread of meat, cheese, fruit as a centerpiece. This will not only encourage guests to take a seat, but socialize. Charcuterie is an experience that people love to chat over, sharing their likes, dislikes, and favorite combinations. It's a delicious and effective way of creating an intimate and social-focused reception - a big benefit if you have a number of guests who are meeting for the first time.

Midday Ceremonies

The wedding ceremony itself is important but the reception is undoubtedly the highlight of the day. Especially among guests, but often for brides and grooms as well. Following the ceremony, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. The hard part is over and you can finally enjoy the revelry at hand - fine food, refreshing drinks, and live entertainment or dancing. It also allows you to take full advantage of your venue since most couples miss out on utilizing early hours, typically reserved for setup. In response, your guests may be inclined to stick around for longer. Without the worry of getting kids to bed on time, they can partake in an evening of cocktails and socializing. For couples, a midday wedding also means more time for photos. You won’t have to rush through a checklist post-ceremony or before the sun goes down. Instead you can sprinkle them throughout the evening, between dinner and a wardrobe change.
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