10 Wedding Registry Items You'll Still Have in 20 Years

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We're all about adding fun, inexpensive, and trendy items to your wedding registry...but we also think it's worth it to add a few items that will last through several years of marriage. Here are 10 wedding registry items that you'll still be using on your 20th anniversary.

1. China. 

People may tell you not to register for wedding china because you'll never use it but...we beg to differ! Not only is it an instant heirloom, but how much you use it is something you can control. We suggest using a few pieces every month on the day you got married; it's a simple way to remind yourselves to slow down and have a romantic date night. (Even if you're just eating takeout on it!) 

2. A Dutch oven. 

A Dutch oven is an incredibly useful kitchen item and a good one will last you years. We recommend reading reviews and choosing one you can use until your kids go off to college. (We've heard Le Creuset and Staub both fit the bill.) 

3. Knives. 

Like the Dutch oven, a well-reviewed set is your best option; treat them well and they'll last for ages. 

4. A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

 If you enjoy baking, you'll love having one of these iconic mixers in your kitchen. Not only are they pretty, but they really go to work. And the multiple attachments mean you'll get more use out of them. 

5. Good pots and pans. 

As any college student using the most inexpensive cookware available will tell you, the cheap stuff only lasts you so long. Now is the time to upgrade to an amazing set that you won't have to replace every two years. 

6. A beautiful decorative item. 

While couples traditionally registered for crystal, we suggest choosing something that fits your personal style but is still timeless. Whether you opt for candlesticks, a vase, or a serving bowl, you won't regret registering for something lovely to display in your home. 

7. A Moroccan wedding blanket. 

Not all bedding is built to last, but if you treat one of these gorgeous blankets as a mostly decorative piece, it will stand the test of time. 

8. A heavy-duty rolling pin. 

Register for a wood or marble rolling pin and you'll be using it to make sugar cookies in the year 2030. 

9. Silver flatware.

 Like china, real silver has fallen out of fashion in recent years. It's not for everyone, but if you do decide to get it, you'll have it for years to come. 

10. Picture frames. 

While styles do change, you'll keep classic picture frames (think: simple black, white, or wooden frames) for years. Even if you want to put something trendier in your living room in a decade, you'll still be able to use these in other rooms of your house. If you're worried about these items being too expensive, keep in mind that these are the gifts that older relatives often love to purchase for newlyweds. As long as you balance them out with some less expensive options, you shouldn't feel bad about adding them to your registry. And if you don't get them, you can always put the cash and gift cards you receive toward purchasing them. 
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