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9 Thoughts Every Parent Has When Their Daughter Gets Engaged

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Of course your engagement feels like a big deal to you , but it's bound to be an emotional roller coaster for Mom and Pops too... From feeling seriously nostalgic to getting curious about grandkids, here are nine thoughts your dear old parents will probably have when you share the big news. 1. "Our daughter's getting married!" 2. "But is this person good enough for our angel?" 3. "Wait. We're losing our little girl!" 4. "Is she even old enough to get married? Are WE old?" 5. "I remember back when…" (Cue nostalgic story) 6. "Alright, well, when can we tell everyone?" 7. "Because I can't wait to brag to my friends about the big day..." 8. "You know what? Let's just start planning now!"  9. "Oh, also... grandkids?" All GIFs via Giphy. Engaged? We've got more for you: How to Talk to Your Parents About Your Wedding Budget 9 Clever Ways to Announce Your Engagement 5 Parent-isms Mom and Dad Tried to Teach You About Love  
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