6 Things You REALLY Shouldn't Worry About Before Your Wedding

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It's safe to say that the days (okay, months) leading up to your wedding are going to be a bit, well, stressful. Mainly because as the big day approaches, all sorts of fears and worries start popping up that can totally freak you out and keep you from enjoying yourself pre-wedding. And while there are certain inevitable worries (like when your dress is still at the alterations place and your wedding is, um, tomorrow), most are completely unnecessary — or simply not worth worrying over. Here are six things that you should banish from your bridal brain ASAP.
If you’ll finish that last DIY project in time. 
If you find yourself with a hot glue gun in hand 48 hours before your wedding, please, for your own good, put the thing down. Unplug it and go get a massage. No matter what project you’re trying to complete at the last minute, we swear you and your big day can probably do without it. The wedding will go on without a bespoke paper flower backdrop or lace-festooned mason jars. Promise.
Your eyebrows. 
Okay, so you forgot to schedule a brow appointment and now your go-to gal is booked up the week of your wedding. You’re going to be okay! No one is looking at your eyebrows (or those last five pounds you wanted to lose pre-nuptials, or the zit on your chin, or your halter bikini tan lines). Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. Give yourself a break — just because you’re The Bride, that doesn’t mean you need to live up to some kind of ideal of physical perfection on your big day.
If you’ll run late. 
Your wedding planner, your mom, or maybe even you yourself have hammered the fear of running off schedule into your brain. Great — being timely is a good thing. But now you’re going over and over your meticulously detailed timeline agonizing about whether or not you’re going to make it to the proverbial church on time. Don’t. Weddings always run behind. Everyone knows this. It will all be okay.
That you won’t have enough passed appetizers. 
First of all, what does “enough” mean to you? If you’re worried that there literally won’t be enough food for your guests, a quick call to your caterer will calm you down right away (they do this for a living, after all). But if you’re worried that there isn’t enough variety or that your cocktail hour won’t be “wow” enough or your food won’t be good enough, it’s time to do a little reality check. Maybe your wedding food won’t be the best, most exotic food your guests have ever tasted. But it’s a wedding, not a gourmet foodie event. As long as people don’t go hungry (aka you have food available), you’re fine.
If your crazy aunt is going to make a scene.
Honestly, she probably will. Or, if she doesn’t, someone totally, completely unexpected will do something weird or random or embarrassing at your wedding. When you have that many people in a room, and a number of them are related, some form of crazy is bound to come out. Of course, you can’t predict who it will be or when, so you might as well forget about it…and remind yourself that it’s okay to just laugh it off when it does.
Whether or not people will dance. 
Are you planning on having music? Yes? Then trust us, they’ll dance.
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