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13 Things Every Newlywed Is Tired of Hearing

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So you've said "I do," had a fabulous honeymoon, and you're living the blissful newlywed life...and yet every time you see friends and family, they all have something annoying to say about your new marital status. Here are the top 13 comments every newlywed is tired of hearing...
1. "So, when are you having a baby?" 2. "How was the honeymoon? You pregnant yet?" 3. "Oh, you're drinking? Darn, I was hoping you'd have some good news for us..." 4. "When are you going to give me grandkids?" 5. "You might need to start thinking about getting a bigger place. You you have room to grow." 6. Whenever you come within 100 yards of a baby shower: "'re next right?" 7. "When are you going to upgrade this dog to a real baby?" 8. "You're not feeling well? Maybe you're pregnant!" 9. "Well, I was going to save these baby clothes for you...BUT I guess I'll just sell them at the garage sale..." 10. "I'm not going to hang up too many of your wedding photos because I want to leave room on the wall for pictures of my grandkids!" 11. Whenever you're around children: "Practicing?" 12. "You know, a woman's fertility peaks when she's 24, so...tick-tock!" 13. "Well, once you have kids..." Bottom line: a couple's plans for procreation isn't anyone's business but their own. Stop asking them about it!  
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