10 Signs Your Partner Is Actually About to Propose

Get ready to plan like a pro.
Brace yourself—engagement season is fast-approaching! Before you get ready to change your status from “In a Relationship” to “Engaged," take a look at these ten tell-tale signs that you're partner is about to get down on one knee.
1. Your partner seems to be on a tighter budget. Hey, engagement rings aren’t cheap (and the upcoming wedding won't be either)! If your sweetie’s usual luxuries, like that daily Starbucks latte or impromptu weekend getaways, suddenly disappear, somebody might just be saving up for a sparkler... 
2. Someone's being awfully lovely dovey lately. Has your partner always eye-rolled at weddings and scoffed at candlelit dinners? If your other half is suddenly cranking up the PDA and leaving you love notes, he or she may just be warming up to pop the question. 
3. One of your rings just went missing... How the heck is your S.O. supposed to know what your ring size is without doing a little detective work? Sounds like somebody snagged one of your rings to bring into the jeweler! 
4. Your significant other is full of questions. Seem like someone's been studying your accessories a little more closely these days? And asking all kinds of questions? Your partner may be trying to figure out whether you prefer yellow gold or rose, diamonds or sapphires... 
5. Your friends and family are more interested in your jewelry, too. Wondering why your BFF appears to have rings on the brain? At risk of seeming too obvious, your love might have enlisted the help of your nearest and dearest to casually find out if you’d prefer a cushion cut or princess cut.
6. Your partner's been talking to your family and friends an awful lot. Maybe they’re asking for your parents’ blessing, getting tips on your jewelry style, or planning an epic proposal. Either way, more calls to your crew could be a hint! 
7. Your S.O.'s phone or computer is guarded like a castle. Sounds like somebody doesn't want you to intercept a secret text from your bestie or glimpse that jewelry-filled browser history. If he or she has been extra protective, it may be because proposal plans are in the works. 
8. Your schedule is suddenly their main concern. Sure, you usually make plans together, but if your partner is much more keen about your plans, he or she could be trying to find the perfect date and time to pop the question... 
9. Your loved ones seem to answer the phone awfully quickly these days. If they know what’s up, your friends and family are undoubtedly waiting for the call! If you're not hearing more than one or two rings, something might be up. 
10. There's a lot of future talk going down. Before, talking about the future seemed a little uncertain. Now, your partner isn't fazed by making plans far down the road, because he or she already knows exactly who'll be along for the ride.
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